What was Antonio Veciana’s connection with the CIA?

Tracy writes with a good question: “In your [JFK Facts] podcast you make the following statement:”

Antonio Veciana
Antonio Veciana

“;…the independent declassified CIA records that we have about [Antonio] Veciana confirm his story, he’s not making this up. There’s independent verification of it.'”

Tracy asks, “Perhaps you could direct me to the CIA documents that confirm Veciana’s story that he was a CIA asset and provide “independent verification?”

Sure thing, Tracy.

Veciana’s CIA cryptonym was AMSHALE-1. The best way to delve into the documentation of his work for the CIA, is the extraordinary Cryptonym Data Base compiled by Rex Bradford, Bill Simpich and others for the Mary Ferrell Foundation.

If you click on the supporting documents for Veciana, you get this summary of CIA reporting on him. This form indicating he was approved for “sabotage” operations. Then’s there’s this 1972 document, which lends credence to a story that Veciana tells about David Phillips.

There is, in a word, plenty of documentation of Veciana’s CIA career.



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