Putting the JFK Story in Context for The Alarmist

I got a nice from The Alarmist after we had this conversation last week:

“Thank you again for speaking with us and providing such a clear, informative look at a complex event. This is a complicated topic for the average listener (and for our hosts!) just learning about JFK’s assassination, so we are grateful for your expertise, even though 30 minutes is a short time to cover such a huge subject.”

Too true! But if you don’t know the JFK story (or want to know it better) you have to start somewhere.

Give this podcast a listen for some key points, and remember this. There are a lot of dubious theories about who killed JFK. The idea that one man killed the president for no reason is one of them.

9 thoughts on “Putting the JFK Story in Context for The Alarmist”

  1. I would highly recommend the late Professor George Michael Evica’s book- “And We Are All Mortal.” He spends a great deal of time on the supposed rifle used by LHO. Professor Evica was an investigative journalism educator at University of Hartford. He had a fascinating radio program, “Assassination Journal,” which got me hooked on learning what happened 53 years ago today when I was in 3rd grade!

  2. The young interviewer is polite and articulate and woefully ignorant of this significant moment in American History: a major indictment of today’s educational system.
    Around the 25 minute mark, you make an amazing statement: “the idea of assassinating the President originated in the upper ranks of the Pentagon and the CIA”. And what does she do? Is she shocked, does she scream, does she blanch, does she say, “Please tell me more!” (you’ve already said there is evidence)? No! She goes on to the next question!! You’ve just stated a 100 point headline above the fold and she ignores it and just goes on to question #14. (And you repeat the assertion.) She didnt hear a word you said and certainly didnt understand the grave significance of what you stated, simply looked at the clock and at her list and moved on. Incredible!

    1. First, let me say three things by way of qualification: I have not listened to the program yet. I fully intend to this week. In my experience carefully studying this subject for some time, I have found Jefferson Morley’s work to be positively radiant with integrity.

      Terry Noble’s brief commentary perfectly captures in microcosm some profound truths about this country’s dysfunctional relationship with the realities of November 22, 1963 and all that flowed from it.

      I just broke out in sustained laughter. Each time I read it. It was that or begin crying. I have seen that young woman’s face & heard her voice countless times in countless guises. Frozen in their utter inability to process a reality that contradicts the toxic mythologies, tropes, & stereotypes that reside latent in their brains.

      Priceless. I find dark humor invaluable in providing a respite from the unmitigated nightmare that JFK assassination author James Douglas labeled “the unspeakable”. Thank you, Terry Noble.

  3. This is a nice, concise summary of a big subject that is a helpful intro for those just starting out on a journey of learning. As someone who’s neither a Democrat nor a Republican, however, I don’t think comparing JFK’s situation vis-a-vis his political enemies to Biden, Obama or Clinton is appropriate. It may be a cliche to refer to the assassination as a “coup,” but for those of us who think it was, every presidency following JFK’s was QUALITATIVELY different, because it was firmly in the grip of the national-security state. While it might seem extreme to describe US presidents as puppets of the Deep State, it rings true because JFK was really only trying to exercise his power under the constitutional-republican order, and the formal stamp on the overthrow of that (law-based) order was achieved with his murder and the subsequent cover-up. The process of overturning that order had been under way for some time, and was a fait accompli by the time Eisenhower gave his farewell speech. But the final seal on that overthrow was the assassination. JFK tried to resist, and it was too late. One might argue that JFK was the last president to both truly believe in the concept of the Republic and to also have a reasonably sophisticated understanding of it. Clinton, Obama and Biden combined aren’t half the president (or man) JFK was.

  4. My mom told me there was talk of three shooters,but the main shooter had a silencer on his gun.If so and so did not want the main shooter to get caught common sense would put a silencer on the main gun.Any other shots would be to lour everyone away from the gun with the silencer.One of the shots from the front probably wasn’t a shot at all,but mabe a firework or blasting cap.

  5. I listened to the complete interview of the Aftermath .You did a great unbiased job. I learned a lot I haven’t heard before. I agree J.F.K. was shot from the front.

  6. Jeff – Great interview! But she cut you off when you were about to provide the evidence that proves the idea for the crime came from the Pentagon/CIA…. You gotta let us know what you think that evidence is.

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