What did Oswald do in Monterrey?

I need some research help for my upcoming book on James Angleton:

On his way to Mexico City in September 1963, Lee Oswald passed through Monterrey Mexico on a bus. How long was he in Monterrey?.What, if anything, did he do there?

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  1. I’ve been on a lot of bus rides in Mexico during the 60s and 70s. When the bus stops, most passengers get out. That means there are waiting lines for the restrooms and waiting lines at the food and refreshment stands. By the time the passengers all get relieved and refreshed, 45 minutes have quickly passed. Still, Oswald could have had a pre-arranged meeting with someone. But it would have been a very short and un-focused meeting. A bus passenger on a stop in Mexico has to be constantly watching the terminal, and his particular bus. They’ll sure leave without you. If Oswald did something in Monterrey, he didn’t do much.

    1. “If Oswald did something in Monterrey, he didn’t do much.”~Ed Fahey

      If Oswald passed something to someone, it wouldn’t take but a moment, just some prearranged signal to bring him together with the proper person on the receiving end.

      We are in the realm of speculation here, no doubt.

    1. Oswald was never in Monterrey, Jean.

      Yes, I know what the documents say, and what the hand-picked witnesses say, but one of them actually rules him out categorically by claiming he ate big meals at every stop.

      Oswald? Big meals? Big hot spicy meals? And lots of them?


      Well, maybe the Mexican-American sitting next to Osborne did…

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