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Letting the National Archives and Open Gov know how they can improve public access to government records can have a real effect. The Archives is already mobilizing for the October 2017 JFK releases because people demanded, via the Internet, that they act. More people said JFK records were the top declassification priority–and NARA responded.

Source: Space: Open Government |History Hub

An email blast from the Archives says:

“We are looking for your ideas on how we can improve:

  • Communicating what the National Declassification Center can and cannot do
  • Transparency in the work processes of the NDC
  • Records or topics you would like to see processed for declassification
  • The mandatory declassification review (MDR) process
  • The availability of public access to declassified records
  • Explaining the difference between classification and other restrictions such as privacy or law enforcement

Take a look at our last Open Government Plan and for more information. Comments are open through April 15.

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