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  1. And still, Oswald was NOT an assassin, but the designated patsy to take the blame for the assassination of JFK. While interesting reading(s), the more exceptional leads are found in New Orleans among Oswald’s tenuous ties to Marcello’s crime syndicate and intelligence assets. Can we infer that even Oswald’s trip to Mexico was not as ominous a trip as the CIA’s propaganda and anti-Castro assets painted. Short of pinning the blame on any of these groups (Organized crime, CIA, anti-Castro Cubans)the possibility did exist that anti-Kennedy groups coalesced around their “need” to have a more pliable POTUS, so as to maintain their fascist status quo. They knew Johnson was that pliable (graft-prone) and skilled politician with deep connections. America has not been at peace in the nation or world since LBJ. A new form of government was put in place on 11/22/63. It’s called by the cynical name of democratic fascism.

  2. Former U.S. Marine Jack Swike made a fascinating presentation on the Atsugi episode at the 2006 JFK Lancer conference in Dallas.
    Swike is a graduate of Marine Corp OCS, Infantry Officers School, Naval Intelligence School in Washington DC, Marine Corps Amphibious Intelligence School and Army Counterintelligence Agent School. He holds a BS Degree from Florida State and a Masters from Roosevelt University in Chicago. He has attended Michigan State University, Indiana University, Johns Hopkins, John Marshall Law School and the University of Chicago.

    Jack was assigned to Atsugi in 1956 and performed duties as Marine Security and Intelligence Officer. He has been researching matters pertaining to Lee Harvey Oswald and Oswald’s tour of duty in the Far East for a number of years and will be presenting background information on Atsugi and addressing a number of issues relating to that facility and to Lee Oswald’s assignments and activities.

    1. Russ, do you know where I can read more on Swike?
      I’ve no idea if it’s him but I read about a guy in security at Atsugi who connected a few dots in his own mind after the assassination then went back and found corroboration in files he still had access to. Though the time period (58? – 63/4) makes me wonder. This was on the internet I think as opposed to in a book, maybe 5 + years ago.
      Good for a laugh for some probably, but I’m serious and it interests me.

        1. So were back to a book Hideji mentioned in the first post on this thread. I bit the fish hook. But parts of The Man Who Knew Too Much are sourced beyond Nagell and some of his own information is documented.

      1. Hi Ronnie–
        you should be able to find a video for sale of Swike’s 2006 presentation in Dallas at jfklancer.com.

      1. Arnaldo M Fernandez

        Oswald knew it, but the Soviet didn’t need the altitude for downing the U-2. They actually needed how to circumvent the signals generated by the plane in order to avoid radar detection. In fact, Sgt.Jack Dunlap, assigned to the NSA en 1958 y recruited by the KGB, passed enough intel to the Soviets for taking down the U-2, as the FBI spy inside the GRU, Dimitri Polyakov (TOPHAT), reveled later. That’s why a CIA memo dated on March 14, 1960, already warned about a “high probability” that the Soviet SAM could hit the U-2 at 70 thousand feet.

  3. Arnaldo M. Fernandez

    There is a detailed account in The Mary Ferrell Chronologies, with references to primary sources.

    1. Swike died in 2009. His book THE MISSING CHAPTER: LEE HARVEY OSWALD IN THE FAR EAST is available at Amazon and elsewhere. According to him, “most people in MACS-1 were given a Secret Clearance. If they did not have that, they were given an Interim Clearance. Only Final Clearances granted by the Marines were permanently place in their records.” (113)

      For those who want vignettes about Atsugi, here it is: Sergeant Tony Kukosky’s “‘could not hit the side of a barn'”, an uninformative letter from James Angleton, interviews with Oswald’s fellow Marines, etc & etc. Swike gives a personal opinion that there was a murder plot and that LHO had been in contact with Communists in Japan–without claiming a connection.

      My understanding is that he had planned another book, so there might be papers somewhere.

  4. I’m Japanese,I read many books about “OSWALD in JAPAN”.
    Perhaps Mr.Morley read these books.
    “The man who knew too mush”(HARD COVER,PAPER BACK).
    Especially “The Missing Chapter:Lee Harvey Oswald in the Far East”
    is excellent.
    Shortly after the published,I contact Author(Jack Swike).
    He explain “I interviewed so many OSWALD’s mairne’s classmate than all resercher”.
    His book analyzed OSWALD’s source of many money.

    Last month,Japanese publisher KADOKAWA published
    “OSWALD and JAPAN:Japanese Threads in JFK Assassination Fabric”
    (Glenn D.Davis,2016).
    Now Davis in USA.He stay 40 years in Japan.
    But this book published only in Japan,original english
    translated to Japanese.
    Main theme is “JFK assassination mastermaind is Japanese”.
    This book Japan title is “JFK assassination is Japan’s plot:
    Three Japanese big villain behind OSWALD”.

    Nine years before,I talked with Miss.Yaeko Okui(In de Mohrenschildt house,she talked with Oswald).
    Perhaps,only Epstein and me talked with her.
    I write Japanese weekly magazine’s article.
    I interviewed “Queen-Bee”‘s owner’s son(Owner is already gone).
    I questioned about Miss.Okui case by few U.S reserchers.

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