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  1. S.r. "Dusty" Rohde

    Oswald denied shooting JFK for one very simple reason, because he didn’t do it. The evidence is available that proves it, all anyone has to do is notice it.

    The Lone Assassin fans FALSE assertions:
    1) Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK.
    2) Only three shots were fired.
    3) The SBT using the “Pristine Bullet” (The Pristine Bullet never touched
    4) There was no evidence of another weapon, another shooter, etc (false).

    Any of these can be proven wrong, with available evidence.

  2. Observations worth acknowledging: the research community vs the Warren Omission defenders are working from theories and conjecture. Some of the important evidence, used by both sides has been switched out, altered, tainted, fabricated, or has questionable chain-of-custody issues. As for the “concrete” evidence, even Lee Oswald proclaimed to his brother, Robert, “don’t believe the so-called evidence” being used against him.
    In the matter of “conspiracy” to kill the President, let us bear in mind that Lee Oswald remains legally innocent. He had no trials that found him guilty of murdering Officer Tippit, or President Kennedy. Again, Lee Oswald remains legally innocent despite 53 years of being propagandized as the “accused assassin” of President Kennedy and Officer Tippit. This is a grave historical error that remains dependent on the MSM and press to perpetuate ad infinitum. Hoover disclosed to Johnson that Oswald could not be convicted with the evidence on hand. Dallas Police Chief Curry stated that no one placed Oswald in the 6th floor window, with the rifle in his hands, firing the shots that killed JFK, despite gallant efforts by the Warren Commission and FBI to make such a scenario exist. What was the conspiracy that eventually felled JFK? We know the false “composite description” of Oswald originated from CIA files designed to expose moles in various Federal agencies (particularly, CIA). We also know that this description was the first offered to the Dallas Police and sent over police radio to field units. It is interesting that CIA sent this description to a limited number of Federal agencies and that this description was made public immediately following the assassination of President Kennedy. This description alone would point everyone in intelligence/law enforcement circles in Oswald’s direction – regardless of any evidence, or lack thereof. Thus, while the description was allegedly used for mole hunting (of which we find none), more importantly, the false description set in motion a chain of red flag events designed to finger Oswald, as a witting dupe of Fidel Castro and the “lone assassin,” who perpetrated all the mayhem in Dallas, on 11-22-63. The preponderance of evidence in 2016 exonerates Oswald, in favor of a strategic domestic operation that toppled the Kennedy Administration. Complicit in the operation were those Secret Service operatives who retained recent information regarding planned assassination attempts; stripped away the President’s security; and, rearranged standard motorcade line-up and seating protocols. No less than a Dallas Police Officer (Joseph M Smith)swore, that a man atop the Grassy Knoll presented Secret Service credentials when confronted by him (Smith). Could stripping away JFK’s security coincide with at least one “Secret Service agent” present on the Grassy Knoll – despite “official” pronouncements that “all SS agents were with the motorcade at Parkland Hospital?” This provides speculation for conspiracy. The Secret Service did possess prior knowledge of existing assassination plots, including the tape of Joseph Milteer, who revealed the complete scenario of Dallas to a Miami police informant (William Somersett) 13 days before JFK was murdered.

  3. Oswald did what anyone arrested would do who is charged with a major crime – deny, deny, deny. He knew he was arrested for Ofc. Tippit’s murder. A crime punishable by the death penalty; and, Texas was a “hangin state.” Oswald looked visibly shaken when asked “Did you shoot the President?” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jy8fRTLtgzA at 0:47. Why did Oswald deny shooting the President? Any person offering an answer is engaging in speculation and opinion. Why some folks go ballistic because of another’s answer escapes me. I can think of several reasons why Oswald would deny any charges against him – he was waiting for counsel.

    1. He is an “intellectual” con artist (i.e. political “scientist”) in manufacturing consensus through repetitious action. His deliberate, attritional behavior and tactics here and elsewhere are quite rote and are only designed to exhaust the free will nature of others who aren’t statist doormats like he is. The statist’s political science is a contradiction of the doctor of philosophy “credential” (it only makes one a doctorer of philosophy). That a “school” bestows these flawed credentials upon people to seemingly give them an air of authority should tell you something about Factoid McBuff and the totaliterrorists that be who are behind this madness.

      1. Yes, a well rehearsed tactic they hope will gain traction in the hearts and minds of people in the absence of all the available evidence that powers to be seem intent upon denying disclosure.

        It is designed to convince as many people as possible that no further investigation of hidden information is required. However, despite the constant diatribe of repetitive buzz words used to alienate any questioners of the official propaganda, there remain many people interested in further investigation of the truth of events, despite the loud and manipulative voices that appear desperate to silence.

        It is ironic that the same voices of denial do not support any investigation of hidden information.

  4. Oswald was reasonably smart, well read and seemed to watch television whenever he got the opportunity so how come he wasn’t aware that it was possible to trace a bullet to a gun.

    Yet from all reports, in the police car after being arrested in the Texas Theatre, he continually denied shooting a police officer but admitted carrying a gun. It’s reported he said something along the lines of “I know I was carrying a gun but why am I being arrested”. Surely he would have known that it wouldn’t take long to match the slugs removed from Tippit to his gun let alone the empty cartridges he tossed out around the scene of the shooting.

    He couldn’t have been aware that the slugs were that damaged that a positive match couldn’t be made and even so he would still be left with the problem of the empty cartridges. So why draw attention to the fact that you’re carrying a weapon that you just killed a cop with.

    The FBI report of Oswald’s first interview back at the police station says that ” Oswald admitted carrying a pistol with him to the movie stating he felt like it, giving no other reason”. Why didn’t he just clam up about it like he apparently did whenever he was confronted with any other adverse evidence.

    1. Why didn’t he just clam up about it like he apparently did whenever he was confronted with any other adverse evidence.

      Because he had tried to shoot a cop with the pistol, and it was wrestled away from him.

      So why deny the obvious?

      Buffs these days will deny the obvious. But Oswald didn’t have the chutzpah to claim he had no pistol when he obviously did.

      1. You may be right John but I still find it odd that he wouldn’t give his name or address in the police car but he was happy to keep pointing out he was carrying a gun that he had just killed a cop with.

        He either didn’t understand that it was possible to match the shells in the Tippit killing to his gun or he actually showed a heap of chutzpah all weekend with his denials knowing full well it was only a matter of time before they made a match. Technically it could have come as early as Saturday if the slug removed from Tippit hadn’t been so mutilated. Of course the third option is, his gun didn’t kill Tippit but we won’t go there.

        As far as trying to shoot a cop in the theatre. I’m probably not quite as convinced as you are. I believe the officers heard a noise and later found a dent on the primer and this quickly became Oswald tried to shoot Officer McDonald and the gun misfired. The story grew legs and was doing the rounds in the newspapers the next day. I think Cortlandt Cunningham dealt with the misfiring angle.

        Was it the sound of a gun snapping, a seat popping or something else? I’m not sure and neither were some of the officers at the time. It seems when they later heard about the dent on the primer, they became convinced. Lets remember, according to Officer Hutson it was dark and visibility was poor. Oswald was in a melee with a number of police officers, so can we really be absolutely certain what happened.

        Seems to me there is a bit contradictory evidence about the whole arrest. In Johnny Brewers affidavit, he makes absolutely no mention of seeing a gun, let alone Oswald trying to shoot McDonald although at other times he does say he saw a gun.

        George Applin told the WC “the gun didn’t come into view until four or five officers were there” and when asked “Who pulled the pistol?” he said “I guess it was Oswald, because for one reason, that he had on a short sleeve shirt and I seen a man’s arm that was connected to the gun”. Of course Oswald was wearing a long sleeve shirt.

      2. John McAdams, the only reason for Lee Harvey Oswald to deny shooting John F. Kennedy was because he in all likelihood did not do it. If he was truly guilty, I think he would have boasted about being the assassin. William Kelly, Lee Harvey Oswald had a bolt action rifle, that fact and the fact that he only qualified as a marksman discredits the possibility that he acted alone or at all.

  5. I quoted him exactly – It’s either one way or the other – Robert doesn’t know – so it’s IF he didn’t practice with that rifle then he DIDN’T take the shots that killed the President and wounded Governor Connally.

    The Warren Commission says he Didn’t practice with that rifle so therefore he didn’t take those shots.

    So Robert says IF they are right about that they call into question their primary conclusion that Oswald fired those shots.

    One way or the other – he practiced and shot or didn’t practice and didn’t take those shots,

    A very logical quandrom – that Robert can’t answer but has good reasons to believe.

    “It would have taken hours of practice for Lee to become acquainted with the characteristics of the rifle, it’s recoil, and especially use of the scope. He had to know for example, whether the scope was zeroed in for one hundred yards…,Lee’s scores in the Marine corps prove beyond doubt that he was never an expert rifleman….,I believe I know more about Lee’s ability as a rifleman than anyone else…”

    I know which one of the other I believe – what do you believe Jean?

    He practiced and took the shots I presume?


    1. Bill, it goes further than that. If LHO didn’t practice on his return to Dallas in October, when did he last practice. The gun supposedly came back in Ruth Paines station wagon as Marina said she saw it a few days after they arrived while she was looking for the legs to June’s bed. Marina was adamant that LHO never took it away from their home to practice while they were in New Orleans. The Murrets never saw LHO with a gun when he stayed with them for 2 weeks on his arrival in New Orleans.

      This takes us back to the alleged shooting of General Walker in April when LHO supposedly had a clear shot and hit the window frame from 35 to 40 yards. Marina initially said Lee hadn’t practiced before the shooting but changed her story to practicing a few times.

      Prior to this the last recorded time that LHO fired a gun was on his return from Russia in mid 1962 when he went hunting on Robert’s in-law’s farm. His father in-law said LHO showed no hunting ability, was a poor shot before he went in the Marines and showed no improvement afterwards.

      From October 1959, LHO was in Russia and did go hunting but only had access to a shotgun. No wonder Robert believed LHO would have needed to spend a considerable amount of time practicing in the weeks and months leading up to the assassination.

    2. Bill, you’ve unintentionally misstated what Robert said by taking it out of context and ignoring that he explicitly said he believed that his brother was guilty. I found portions of his book online.

      While I am ready at any time to be convinced that the Warren
      Commission was wrong, I have not yet read or heard or seen any evidence that has shaken my conviction that Lee and Lee alone fired the shots that wounded Governor Connally and killed the President.


      Robert disagreed with the WC’s conclusion that Oswald didn’t practice at a rifle range despite the witnesses who claimed to see him there:

      “I find it difficult to understand the Com-
      mission’s eagerness to dismiss the one group of
      witnesses who give us a clear idea of when and
      where and how Lee learned to use his new rifle
      with the precision he displayed on November 22.”

      Whether Oswald actually had to have practiced a lot in order to make the shots is a separate issue that’s a matter of opinion.

        1. David,

          My question to you is….Why rely on an internet source of questionable accuracy when there are videos of the CBS reenactment itself?


          Your source is wrong in claiming that Oswald’s alleged “feat” was “two hits out of three, within about six seconds.” The WC didn’t say that.

          Your source is also wrong in claiming the CBS shooters “failed to do what Oswald was supposed to have done.” Look at the video. One of the shooters had two hits in “slightly less than five seconds,” another had 3 hits in 5.2 seconds. Oswald probably took longer than that — c. 8 seconds.

          1. It’s sad.
            This is a too old conspiracy-myth,assassination resercher’s side mislead.
            Three years before,I buy this problem’s DVD.
            But I watch this CBS problem over 10 years before(youtube) and I read this CBS problem book version(“Should we believed Warren Report?”).

            Perhapes Mr.Reagan’s knowledge about WC’s
            explanation and official conclusion is misunderstanding.

            Just like a “JFK:The movie” scene,
            “Within 5.6 seconds,Oswald shot three times,two hit,one missed”.
            5.6 seconds / 3 shots
            = about 1.85 seconds(1 shot average).

            WC conclusion is
            “After the first shot,within 5.6 seconds,
            Oswald shot two times”.
            5.6 seconds = 2.3 seconds(between the first shot and second shot interval) + 3.3 seconds(between the seconds shot and third shot interval).
            (caution! this seconds number is not correct).

            In 1970′ bsetseller “They’ve killed the president!”(Robert Sam Anson) explaind
            5.6 seconds as “three shot period”(wrong,in fact,two shot period).
            Perhaps this book’s influence is very big.

  6. “Why did Oswald deny shooting President Kennedy?”

    One rarely confesses to killing someone that they did not kill, especially a pseudo-elected titular.

    1. “Why did Oswald deny shooting President Kennedy?”

      “…because he didn’t… Oswald was right where he said he was at the time of the shooting-in front with Mr. Shelly, on the steps of the TSBD. That’s why he was seen/found in the break room when he was. Think about it!”-DM

  7. This is a direct quote from Robert Oswald’s book “Lee – A Portrait of Lee Harvey Oswald” page 208:

    After reviewing the reports of Oswald practicing at a shooting range, sometimes with someone else, and the Warren Commissions rejection of these reports and concluding the rifle remained in the blanket in Mrs. Paine’s garage until the day of the assassination, Robert says:

    “If the Commission were right about this, it would cast serious doubt on its central finding.”

    “If Lee did not spend considerable amount of time practicing with that rifle in the weeks and months before the assassination, then I would say that Lee did not fire the shots that killed the President and wounded Governor Connally.”

    That’s the quote that got Photon all worked up in a lather, calling it BS and me a liar. Now I know you Jean can deal with it in a more rational manner.


    1. Do you see the word “IF,” Bill? “IF the Commission were right about this…” and “IF Lee did not” spend a lot of time practicing “THEN I would say Lee did not fire the shots…”

      That’s a conditional statement, so what else did Robert say? Did he say he agreed that the WC was right and Lee did not spend a lot of time practicing and THEREFORE he concluded that Lee did not fire the shots? If so, please quote it. If he didn’t conclude the WC was right about the practicing, then you haven’t made your point.

      1. I found a brief New Yorker review of the book (12/2/67, p. 242) which concludes, “…He also explains why he reluctantly came to believe his brother did indeed kill President Kennedy, and did so alone, although he thinks there may have been others who influenced and encouraged him. In the end, without endorsing the work of the WC in toto, Mr. Oswald takes issue with those who have made careers out of picking the case to pieces…”

        This link may not work if you don’t have a subscription and online account:


        1. Jean, I believe Oswald’s desire to be part of the spy world started as a teen watching the T.V. show “I Led Three Lives”. Robert Oswald said his brother was almost obsessed in watching the show in which a United States family man acted as a communist while secretly serving American intelligence. While Oswald was more overt in acting like a communist/marxist,like agent Philbrick in the show, Oswald believed (whether real or imaginary)he was serving U.S. intelligence. I think it was about that time of the show that Oswald’s interest in Marxism started to develop. Whether Oswald was witting or unwitting, there is ample circumstantial evidence that U.S. intelligence was using Oswald (read material by Bill Simpich).
          Robert Oswald said he talked to Lee in custody. Lee said the following: “I have done nothing that I need to be ashamed of”. Since he had nothing but positive things to say about JFK, I find it interesting that Lee would not feel ashamed of killing someone with no motive to do so. All indications are that Lee loved his two children. I don’t believe such a man would do what he was accused of doing because he was rebuffed by his wife.

    2. Robert Oswald is saying the WC has to be wrong about his brother not practicing with his gun, otherwise he couldn’t have been the shooter.

      I think it’s pretty clear, Jean.

  8. If Jean Davison thinks Hijejl Okinai’s logic regarding the verdicts in mock trials is okay, I’d like to know what she thinks of Robert Oswald’s logic in his stated belief that “if Lee did not practice with that rifle in the days and weeks before that assassination then he didn’t fire the shots that killed President Kennesy and wound governor Connally. ”

    Was the Warren Commission wrong in that Oswald didn’t practice with that rifle or is Robert wrong in that he didn’t take those shots?

    As to the opinion that Robert Oswald’s statements are inadmissible because he wasn’t a witness to the assassination, Robert is an Expert witness who gave Lee his first rifle, taught him too shoot, hunted with him and as a Marine marksman himself, was familiar with his brothers abilities.

    Perhaps it is because – in Mr. Okina’s words, his accusers “dislike these facts?”

    Bill Kelly

    1. Yes,the men and women who interested JFK assassination standard are not “fact or not fact” but “like or dislike” tendency.

      Robert Oswald books and his testimony interpretation is typically this pattern.

      For example,Robert explained Lee’s first purchase gun is bolt-action(for conspiracy believer,dislike information).

      Robert explained Lee’s unti-policeman tendency and his early days word “dump cop!”(for conspiracy believer,dislike information).

      After the cold war is ended,Oswald USSR era full-dresing investigation started.
      Oswald is bad shooter? or good? or average?
      Still mystery.
      In USSR,Oswald hunting often failured(for conspiracy believer,beloved information).
      But Guss Russo interviewed his hunting buddy.
      Oswald is not a bad shooter,but a rush to shot shooter.
      He can’t waited sight on aim.
      TSBD 6th shooter not wait JFK’s car ideal position.
      This is a longtime mystery for reserchers.
      But this shooter’s tendency is typically Oswald’s habit.
      (This information hated by conspiracy believer,just like you).

        1. You could have provided a more beneficial service by documenting and detailing Oswald’s deployment in Japan – instead of trying to debunk silly conspiracy theories. Oswald was friends with a Japanese women he attended parties with in Dallas and a number of Japanese reporters covered the assassination. Did you talk to them? Or are you molded in the McAdams frame of conspiracy theory obsession?


          1. Thanks your comment.
            You are only debete rival,not a my enemy.
            Perhaps 10 years before,I contributed to my article “Oswald and Japanese Lover”.
            This article publicated Japanese NO.2 weekly magazine.

            Sorry,I forget many thing.
            But I met one time Yaeko Okui(Oswald talk with her in DeMohrenschildt house).
            Only me and Mr.Epstien directly met her.
            She is very angry,surprise my visit.
            She is too old,but her beauty is still remanin,she is full round breasts.
            If you want see her young days picture,
            below book “JFK assassination is Japan’s plot:Three big villain behind Oswald” contains this picture.


            This book 212p.
            This book published only in Japan.
            Japanese language book.
            IF I have enough time,I inform this book’s information to JFK FACT member throurh this place.
            In past,I talked with Queen-bee’s owner’s son(Owner is already gone).
            This Queen-bee is not a Yamato but a Ginza.
            Perhaps Oswald visited yamato’s Queen-bee.
            I talked with Oswald former marine’s

          2. In 1950′ era,many U.S. soldier stationed in Japan.
            My childhood days,I see so many soldier
            near the my house.

            Japanese owner’s bar and cabaret welcomed these soldiers.
            Especially “Queen-bee”.

            I remember,one of “a number of Japanese reporters covered the assassination” is Mr.Koike.
            His picture with Jack Ruby is very famous
            (In DPD).
            He is eyeglass man.
            His book published in Japan.


            It’s sad,now out of print,amazon stock is zero.
            I have this book,now not find.
            If I have enough time I inform this book contents to JFKFACT member.

          3. In 1963 summer,Oswald distribute “HAND OFF CUBA!” flier.
            This time,one Japanese near the him.
            This Japanese(Mr.Ehara) man’s office in the WORLD TRADE CENTER.
            Glenn Davis(“JFK assassination is Japan’s plot:Three big villain behind Oswald” author) pointed out these thing.

            Glenn Davis book original title is
            “Japanese Threads in JFK Assassination Fabric”.
            Not published in USA.

          4. After the assassination.
            Japan’s security one of top officer Mr.Atuyuki Sasa visit FBI headquarter for JFK assassination investigation.
            U.S News&World Report appeared his visit article.
            His this book one chapter is JFK assassination investigation.


            “THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH” refer his activity.
            I forget page number.
            I have this book first and new ver,I can’t find.
            In 2000′,Mr.Sasa appear Japanese TV-varlety show “Beat Takashi no Konna Hazudeha”‘s JFK assassination feature.

          5. “If I have enough time I inform this book contents to JFKFACT member.”

            Mr. Okina, you insult the intelligence of those who have expended time and energy on this particular forum from its inception. If you don’t have time to substantiate your arguments, why present them in the first place?

          6. Very simple thing.
            I am not notice before Mr.Kelly’s comment.

            “You could have provided a more beneficial service by documenting and detailing Oswald’s deployment in Japan”

            And Mr.Koike’s book “My report of JFK Assassination” is not out of print.
            Amazon stock is none.
            But publisher’s stock is exist.


            If yours have a Japanese friend,
            you can get this book through him.

      1. Hideji, I hope you write better in your native language than in English, because you don’t make much sense, either grammatically or in logic.

        You say Oswald was anti-cop, so why then does he join the Marines, which after all is a version of state police? How is killing the president anti-cop? The president is a civilian. What other evidence is that there he was motivated by anti-cop bias? How does that fit into his activities with Fair Play for Cuba or his defection to a … wait for it … police state?

        A guy he allegedly hunted with in the USSR says he rushed his shots, and that proves he shot Kennedy? Please, that’s just nonsense.

        1. Yes, Hideji’s comments read like a west-educated person impersonating a Japanese person.

          It is very CIA-esque-like in appearance and mechanics.

          Also, photon has never revealed who he/she is, along with actual links to the intelligence community, whether US taxes are being utilised to facilitate his/her presence in this forum, and why operation mockingbird is still required so long after JFK’s assassination?

          LHO said he was a patsy and was never permitted the opportunity to further explain his claim.

          Free the files!

          1. Ohhhhh! You think me pseudo Japanese?
            Typically conspiracy-thinking!
            If LHO is real patsy,after the his arrest,why he not explain real plotter(s)?
            Because this crime plotter is himself.
            Very simple thing.

    2. “Was the Warren Commission wrong in that Oswald didn’t practice with that rifle or is Robert wrong in that he didn’t take those shots?”

      It has been a long time since I read this book, but I’m quite sure that Robert did NOT say that he thought his brother “didn’t take those shots.” If you can quote him saying that, please do. According to one of the reviews on Amazon Robert thought that his brother was guilty and that the WC was wrong in claiming he didn’t practice. Second review here:


      1. If a random review on a book on Amazon says it, well, I guess that’s case closed. There no longer can be any doubt.

        1. I’m disagreeing with Bill Kelly’s opinion that Robert’s statement about rifle practice meant that he believed his brother “didn’t take the shots.” I’ve read the book and that’s not what he said. If you can find Robert Oswald saying that anywhere, quote it.

  9. Yes,after the head shot,Oswald is very cool.
    After the head shot,TSBD’s shooter is very cool.
    After the Tippet killing,shooter is very cool.
    I analyzed Oswald habit pattern.
    After the big incident,act of criminal,he often played cool man.
    TSBD shooter = Tippet killer = Oswald.

    Why Oswald tell a lie about his whereabouts?
    Because he is a TSBD6th shooter.

    1. Then how come Marina said that the night of the Walker shooting, whatever Oswsld’s role, he was hypertensive, sweating and tense for hours afterwards. And he didn’t anybody in cold blood, as he is accused of on 11/22/63.

      Everyone who saw him in the immediate aftermath of the shooting – from the cop and Truly 90 seconds after the last shot, the secretary two minutes later, the bus driver, the cabby – who said Oswsld offered the getaway cab to a lady – they all were in agreement that he was cool, calm and collected, not the attributes of someone who just killed a person – unless perhaps they were trained to control their emotions under pressure – like James Bond or Navy SEALs are.

      1. Your joke is very nice.
        If Oswald is innocent.
        If Oswald not shot President,not kill Cop.
        Why he is very cool?
        Why he isn’t panic?
        If you arrested as President murderer,you continue cool?
        In his short life,he often played his performance.

  10. Ramon F Herrera

    To: William Kelly, Tom S., Jefferson Morley.

    Bill, Tom, Jeff, everybody:

    This is prompted by the recent Photon issue, but should be expanded to the general case.

    I would like to present a proposal to the JFKFacts and JFK community in general, but some background information will be necessary. IOW: I hate long posts, which people do not read. I prefer the multi-post format.

    When I first joined JFKFacts, my first task was to translate an interview made by a Spanish newspaper to Antonio Veciana.


    (Sadly, the original article from Diario de las Americas is gone).

    At the time, Jeff had written a public petition related to Joannides which was co-signed by professor John McAdams, so I became curious. It seemed contradictory to his longstanding career as a staunch WCR defender. After I inquired in the forum, Jeff replied that McAdams’ signature was indeed added but that he was not part of the original investigation/initiative.

    According to this, professor Robert Blakey also joined the initiative:

    [Tom: Is there any way to dig the post where Jeff clarifies the nature of McAdams’ contribution? It was a crucial precedent which should be part of JFKFacts historic record]

    There are more details here:

    In short: What the community urgently needs in the and the upcoming critical year is more initiatives, accompanied by public petitions where the signatures of Jeff Morley and prof. McAdams are affixed.

    That will be the only way to determine who are the individuals in the national LN crowd who are interested in the truth.

    [To be continued]

      1. Ramon F Herrera

        Bingo!! Thanks, Tom.

        Please read the following thread. Notice how professor McAdams became suddenly mute. You wouldn’t believe that he is the same person who has been pester…, err, I mean: contributing profusely to JFKFacsts lately. He has revealed the strategy to follow, his Achilles Heel. That should be our approach when facing the Photons, McAdamses, Myers, Postners and Bugliosis of the world.


        Hang on to your hats, folks. I have some interesting info.

        1. I checked your link to the alt.assassination.jfk post, and I don’t see any evidence that Joannides was given any metal for a “cover up” with the HSCA.

          Would you care to try again?

  11. I don’t think Photon should be censored – the more he talks the more he exposes himself – from vendetta to stalking?

    I do take the above references to the “Camden office, Toms River, Chinese, Wawa and Acme” as a personal treat and I will take appropriate security measures though I’m not afraid of Photon or his pals, I will also place him on my security index – I started a file on him as i have on other provacreurs and will soon have his complete real identity and who he works for.

    I always thought that we would not resolve and solve the assassination of JFK to a legal and oral certainty until we had an intelligence network as strong and a powerful as the one that killed Kennedy.

    I think we are almost there, thanks to the internet and truly independent researchers.


    1. Bill, “censored” is not what is intended. Photon has been extended every courtesy despite refusing to disclose a working email address, which every other commentor provides, or clickable, working links in all but one of his many comments. However, I cannot identify a courtesy Photon has extended. Photon can continue to ride you as he has regularly, as soon as he discloses a working email address which will be kept confidential as have similar details provided by all other commentors. Afforded the opportunity, Photon in the future will indicate whether working links will appear on occasion in comments.

      If I had the option to contact Photon privately, most off topic communication related to Photon would not appear in my comments.

  12. I just did something fundamental to this whole argument: I actually went back and viewed the Zapruder film, then I read all the comments from the doctors at Parkland Hospital THAT DAY. As per the Zapruder film–how did Oswald doo dat? And all those doctors and nurses, etc., describing the massive wound to the back of the head relegate all arguments of the lone nutters absolutely worthless. By continually splitting hairs, and with massive doses of semantical nonsense, the nutters are hopelessly trying to keep their hypotheses valid. It’s best to totally ignore them. They are insignificant.

  13. I think that the Prayer Man footage is enough evidence that Oswald did not shoot Kennedy.If Oswald is the Prayer Man then it means that he was on the first floor and not the sixth floor during the shooting.

    1. Ramon F Herrera

      “If Oswald is the Prayer Man […]”

      … then the CIA is the most incompetent, group of bumbling idiots, Keystone Cops on the face on this planet.

      Do you know how much effort was spent preparing Lee as a “Manchurian candidate” aka “Sleeper agent”? Haven’t you read anything about George Joannides in this site, for crying out loud?

      – The plotters knew that the TSBD building would be empty between 12:00 and 1:00. The caravan was precisely timed to pass by at 12:30.

      – Lee had specific orders to be (a) Inside the building where very few people could see him and (b) Outside the 6th. floor, since he was not to know that there would be an actual, real killing.

      If Lee had been outside, he would have shouted it after being detained. “I was on the stairs! Saw the whole thing! Lovelace was next to me! There must be photos of me!”.

      Instead he said the truth: “I was in the 2nd. floor, having lunch”.

      This immediately rings suspicious alarms: Why on earth would a person that wanted to rub elbows with the powerful, somebody who went to the other side of the globe, miss the -one in a lifetime- opportunity to see the POTUS?

      Quite simple: because he was obeying orders.

      That is the only possible, logical explanation.

      1. Ramon F Herrera

        [RFH wrote:]
        “Saw the whole thing! Lovelace was next to me!”

        LMAO! There’s a funny Freudian slip for ya’!

        I was watching the movie “All The President’s Men” -again- the other night:


        This is the first time, however, that I realize that Jason Robard’s character is in real life Jack & Jackie’s best non-relative friend:


        As we all know -or should- there was an informant who gave all the tips to Woodward and Bernstein. Before dying, the 2nd. in command at the FBI revealed (and Woodward confirmed), that he was “Deep Throat”. Apparently, he was in the short of of Nixon’s suspects.


        Linda Lovelace was the author of a notorious book “Deep Throat”.


        So, that’s how I mixed up “Lovelady” and “Lovelace”.

        For the totally clueless: That movie/book inspired our esteemed host, Jeff Morley, to become an investigative reporter and ended up in the Washington Post. I wonder whether he ever met Bradlee or Woodward?

        1. If Lee had been outside, he would have shouted it after being detained. “I was on the stairs!

          Lee told Captain Fritz that during the shooting he was out with Bill Shelley in front.

          So he did claim to be on the steps.

  14. Photon – who invented what story?

    My father was a Camden policeman, homicide detective, Lt. and county detective for 48 years so your Camden field office didn’t have to look far.

    I’ve never been to Tom’s River. Your guys must be keeping tabs on some other bloke. Some intelligence agency you work with.

    What do you want proof of? That Oswald met Phillips at the Southland Center? That Oswald went there on multiple occasions? That he was heading there after leaving TSBD but got diverted?


  15. McKenzie/Wynne law offices were in the Southland Center where Oswald frequented on multiple occasions – to visit the Mexican consulate, apply for a job with one of DeMornschilt’s friends and in meeting David Atlee Philips and Antonio Veciana. It is also in the direction Oswald was taking after leaving the TSBD.

    1. Got any evidence for that claim, Bill? Real evidence, not some crap invented by somebody who lives all by himself in a one story, two bedroom house with nothing else to do.
      C ‘mon Bill, our Camden field office has kept tabs on you for years.At least some of the boy’s got to know some of the finer joints in Tom’s River after a day of surveillance .

      1. Photon – You want Proof of what?

        My father was a Camden police officer for 48 years so it would not be hard for your field office to keep tabs. Their office probably in same building.

        I’ve never been to Toms River so your Keystone Cops are surveilling some other poor bloke.

        At least you have admitted your pals are connected to this sort of COP shennagans, and apparently aren’t very good at it.


  16. Ramon F Herrera

    Here’s some material from the milestone PBS program:

    Fast forward to 1:50′



    It seems to me that Robert Oswald received the “hints” that he better go along with the LN version … or else. I doubt that it will be possible to find evidence about this “persuasion” in a conversation or writing. The Agency is too smart for that.

    It would be interesting to study his sources of income along these 50+ years.

  17. “The book also gives good insight into Robert’s choice of attorney to represent him and Marina before the Warren Commission, that also says a lot that ghost writers couldn’t have made up”.
    Bill Kelly, July 6

    William McKenzie was the attorney for Robert E. Oswald before the Warren Commission.

    William McKenzie as Robert’s attorney raises a lot of questions.


    See Great Southwest Corporation

    This piece says “local connections did a lot to assist the Coverup in the early stages”.

    McKenzie had been a member of the law firm Wynne, Jaffe and Tinsley.


    Bedford S. Wynne, a senior partner in that firm, was one of the owners of the Great Southwest Corporation.

    This corporation owned the Six Flags Inn where Marina Oswald was detained after the Assassination.

    “ At around the time Marina made her incriminating statements to the FBI, she appointed William McKenzie to take charge of her legal affairs. McKenzie had been a member of the law firm Wynne, Jaffe and Tinsley. Bedford Wynne, a senior partner in that firm, was one of the owners of the Great Southwest Corporation…………In another curious coincidence, Morris Jaffe of the same law firm was the attorney for George de Mohrenschildt, the man with intelligence connections who had been keeping an eye on the Oswalds until a few months before the assassination”.

    Bedford S. Wynne was also one of the initial owners and founders of the Dallas Cowboys professional football franchise, along with Clint Murchison.

    It seems that so many, many people “assisted” in the Coverup after the Assassination.

    1. I forget the name of that dude who was one of the two male hosts on PBS Newshour for so long, but recall his pathetic stories from the Dallas News in the aftermath of the JFK assassination.

      Seems like that PBS dude received his reward.

      1. Both MacNeil and Lehrer are still alive. Both were in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963.
        Sgt., can’t you get ANYTHING correct? You and Kelly can’t even take the time to find out who is alive and who is dead!

        1. Are we “there” yet? Yes, I am finally finished with patiently waiting for even faint gestures indicating reasonable intention.

          For example, I have read every word of your Kelly campaign. Now you’ve lumped Mr. Kelly in with Sgt. Doom. I have asked you to conform in every civil manner I could think of. Your response has been to resist every effort to persuade you to conform. You refuse to even occasionally include supporting links or provide a working email address. Your recent vendetta against Bill Kelly indicates, along with your lack of response to my patient requests of longstanding, and to Jeff’s before mine, and to Peter’s before Jeff’s, that there is no further point to extend to you the courtesy of approving your comments.

          Until you conform to the following, I will extend to you about the same level of courtesy you’ve been extending to Bill Kelly, to me, to Jeff, and to many of JFKfacts.org readers and commentors.:

          6. Commenters who use language deemed uncivil by the Comment editor or the site editor will have their comments put on 48 hour delay until such time as the offender acknowledges the offense or the Comments Editor sees fit to remove the delay.
          8. Preference is given to comments that include links to, or citations of, credible sources.

          Moderator – 2014/10/28 at 3:10 pm
          Photon, could you provide JFK Facts with an email address that works? Our emails to you are bounced back to us. Thanks.

          jeffmorley – 2015/05/30 at 8:41 am
          There is site comment policy which will be enforced no matter how self-pitying whining you seek to impose. For someone who is so talkative, I recommend that you learn some manners.

          Tom S. – 2016/02/28 at 11:46 pm
          If you are satisfied with a commenter providing no working email address submitting under an alias, at least 540 and possibly as many as 2300 link free comments to JFKfacts.org, please contact Jeff and request that he amend the comment submission rules. Until that happens, I think it might enhance JFKfacts.org to initiate a week long experiment requiring a supporting link to be included in at least every other submitted comment, on average.

  18. It’s good to question your beliefs and the debate sometimes takes what we know to another level – and isn’t always repeticious. McAdams is a disgraced professor, Photon is another animal all together – he comes across as a trained intelligence operative working at the moment for some domestic Intel agency that feels threatened by Jeff and this site. He has been trained in psych warfare techniques, is using an alias and is attempting to run interference, but is failing miserably. He will get back to us after he gets advice and directions from his handlers.

    1. Shameful. Of course, conspiracy types in 53 years have never been shy of accusing people of nefarious activity. Kelly, once again reveling in speculation as to the identity of Photon with not a hint of evidence. The question is: why is this posting permitted on a site calling itself JFKfacts?

      1. “The question is: why is this posting permitted on a site calling itself JFKfacts?”~Paul May

        No the real question is why Photon, an anonymous shill with the profile of a trained intelligence operative is permitted on a site calling itself JFKfacts.

        1. No the real question is why Photon, an anonymous shill with the profile of a trained intelligence operative is permitted on a site calling itself JFKfacts.

          Judge Whitten, how does your latest comport with this, only two weeks ago?

          Willy Whitten – 2016/06/22 at 6:22 pm
          We all have EQUAL STANDING as far as I am concerned Tom.

          1. Willy, in the interest of accuracy, should your prior comment be edited, to read,
            “All are equal, but some are more equal than others,” since you are labeling another commentor,
            without supporting evidence, and asking why he, she, or it be permitted to comment at all?

            Is it accurate to bring my prior opinion into your reply? Have I accused Photon similarly and used the accusation to justify….:

            No the real question is why Photon, an anonymous shill with the profile of a trained intelligence operative is permitted on a site calling itself JFKfacts.

            The “real question” is who submits reasonable comments?

          2. Tom, I seem to remember your predecessor, Mr. Vorhees, repeatedly requesting Photon to provide a working e-mail address, as per the rules regarding commentary on this site. Has he ever complied with this request?

          3. John, I can only find one instance (I shared a link to that comment) in which Mr. Vorhees commented on Photon not providing a working email address. I have so far no indication Photon has ever accompanied a working email address with a submitted comment. The only way to attempt to communicate with that entity is publicly.

    2. Sure Bill, I am a trained intelligence operative trained in Phych warfare techniques
      All I have is a computer, curiosity, a few contacts in the intelligence community which is solely a function of where I live. And common sense, coupled with an active disdain for charlatans trying to make a buck off of a national tragedy by promoting myths, propaganda and paranoia while exonerating an evil monster who destroyed two families,or three considering his own.

      1. Photon – I don’t know who you are or really care, and while you fit the profile of a COP, like Oswald, using alias etc., I withdraw my statement that you are working for an intelligence agent as I don’t know who you work for. I too have an active distain for charlaitains who make a buck off a national tragedy like Posner, McAdams, Holland and Buglosi, who together have amassed millions of dollars off this tragedy – that pales the $3,000 total I have made from a grant from the Fund for Constitutional Government Investigative Project. I am currently trying to identify those real intlligence operatives who promote myths, black propaganda and paranoia in accusing Castro as being behind the Dealey Plaza operation. You are probably a retired government employee and public servent with a computer and time on your hands who read a few books. I apologize for over rating you. I too am after the evil monster that destroyed democracy, the constitution and more than a few families – a covert system and mechanism – not a person.

        1. I am currently trying to identify those real intelligence operatives who promote myths, black propaganda and paranoia in accusing Castro as being behind the Dealey Plaza operation.

          Irony alert!

          Kelly, who is talking about “paranoia,” thinks there are “intelligence operatives” involved in this issue.

        2. William, do you pick up Chinese when you get gas at Wawa or just booze?
          Don’t see you much at Acme.

  19. This site is quite interesting. Why would one come to a place to debate the same 10 arguments with John McAdams and Photon? Is’t the sign of insanity to do the same thing over and over and expect different results.. come on peeps..

    1. Agreed — which is why I have now given up on this site.

      I believe they are also responding under other sign-ons as well, there simply can’t be that many obstreperously stupid types out there?

      Anyway, Morley and his obsession with Joannides appears to be an excessive waste of time — heard him in an interview for the first time recently, and was not one bit impressed.

      Anyone familiar with my sign-on will be aware I have been researching this for many years, and avoid scammers like McAdams and his ilk.

      ‘Nuff said . . . .

      1. In other words you can’t deal with the documented facts and would rather preach to the choir where nobody will challenge you.
        Just like when DiEugenio was challenged on this site to give evidence to support some of his ridiculous claims he picked up his ball and went home-to sites that don’t encourage or even allow viewpoints contradictory to his own.. It is so much easier to push fiction if no one is told the facts.

        1. Thanks for pointing out the misspelling of the site.

          Facts and evidence. Lol. Photon is an alias. I have no interest in responding to whoever this is hiding behind your keyboard. I deal with facts and evidence every single time I study this event. You deal with in ideology, there will never be anything solved on these goofy threads where people say goofy stuff like “you can’t deal with facts…”

          If it’s so cut and dry you guys wouldn’t be doing this 50 years on. Photon, most of my time is spent in the archives and documents, while yours seems to be spent in forums… As Bieber says, “go love yourself”

          1. If it’s so cut and dry you guys wouldn’t be doing this 50 years on.

            If conspiracy were so cut and dried you guys would not be doing this 50 years on.

  20. if the bullet wound in john kennedy’s back was shallow,as dr. hume wrote in the autopsy report,then how could that bullet have caused an exit wound to the president’s throat?

    1. The Autopsy Report said the bullet transited the torso and exited the throat.

      The “shallow” business was early in the autopsy, when the wound could not be probed. Sibert and O’Neill wrote that in their FBI report. But it was not the final assessment of the autopsists.

      1. Mr. McAdams
        You seem to have an answer for everything, don’t you?

        Please explain how a bullet, travelling downward at an angle of about 60%, enters the back, about 5 inches below the shoulder, suddenly turns upward and exits the throat?!!!
        The Parkland doctors all claimed the wound was one of entry, a small wound about the size of your little finger tip! And it wasn’t a large, ragged hole they saw in the autopsy “photos”. (in parenthesize because I don’t believe the photos are real.)
        But that doesn’t fit your scenario, does it?

        You also claim that the wound in the back was transit when Bethesda said it was a shallow wound. Humes said he could feel the end of it with his finger! Yet, tell me, if the wound was transit, how could the WC claim it fell out of the wound after rigorous heart massage to later be found on the stretcher?!!!

        Someway, somehow, you distort all evidence just to cling to your arrogant claim that you know everything that happened, the way it happened and to convince others why your beliefs are gospel!

        And don’t label me a conspiracy freak. I’m just a firm believer in what the evidence says!

  21. I’m sure Mr. Oswald read the book with his name on it as the author, and he did not exaggerate his justifiable suspicions of Ruth and Michael Paine, or his doubt of about the Warren Commissions failures, especially in determining his brother’s motives and abilities in shooting a moving target without practicing with that rifle.

    I’m sure his ghost writers didn’t make up his incredulity when he received a phone call from Wesley Leibler as the Warren Commission was winding up its business to ask him why his brother killed the president.

    Oswald didn’t have a motive to kill anyone and didn’t.

    Robert Oswald is a good, honorable and private person whose suspicions are justified and whose concern for his family would come first, and considering what “they” did to JFK and his brother, it is understandable he would publicly go with the flow, – what do you want me to say?

    If you read his book closely, as anyone interested in the accused assassin and Patsy should, you get a good portrait of the man, and his family – including Robert the ex-Marine and their other brother, who served in the Coast Guard, Marines and was in the Air Force at Lackland at the time of the assassination – a military family.

    Robert’s portrait of his brother is not that of a nut case but fits the Covert Operational Personality (COP) that clearly indicates that whatever you believe happened at Dealey Plaza, and Oswald’s role, it was a covert intelligence operation and not the work of a lone nut.

    The book also gives good insight into Roberts choice of attorney to represent him and Marina before the WarrenIssion, that also says a lot that ghost writers couldn’t have made up.

    And the people that tried to profit from the coffin were not conspiracy theorists but greedy, right wing bastards, probably from Texas.


    1. The truly nauseating claims of Mr. Kelly are impeached by another interview with Mr. Oswald in ABC News” Interview with JFK Assassin’s Brother”: abcnews.90.com/WNT/stay?id=131463&page=1
      Robert lays out exactly his perception of Lee’s psyche, his belief in his motive, his actions after being arrested and most pertinent to this discussion his belief as to why Lee denied shooting JFK-HE THOUGHT THAT HE COULD GET AWAY WITH IT. Pure and simple , straight from his brother’s mouth.
      Why is that so hard for CTers to accept,and yet they are willing to accept Kelly’s lie that Robert Oswald thinks his brother is innocent?

  22. Ramon F Herrera

    A hypothesis that could be very relevant occurred to me recently.

    There were 3 capos, 3 cities, 3 attempts. It was no coincidence that the selected cities were Chicago, Tallahassee and Dallas.

    Why is that?

    Easy! To quiet down any rumors.

    The high-level, formal media was under control: TIME-Life, New York Times (till this day), etc. That leaves the street GOSSIP: after all “loose lips sink ships”.

    Let’s say that the successful hit took place in Giancana’s territory. If some drunk guy in a Chicago bar started babbling too much, he would be promptly silenced, one way or the other.

    Man! The bastard sons of bitches thought of everything!

  23. If Oswald was not the shooter why is it that no one saw him from 12:00 till 12:35. Was he hiding so he could make absolutely sure that he would be set up as the fall guy?

    1. Ramon F Herrera

      The plotters knew that the building would be empty at 12:30. The precise route was calculated to coincide with lunch hour, plus/minus 30 minutes.

      Lee had specific orders to stay in a room other than the 6th.

      If they had built the cafeteria in the 5th. it would have been perfect.

      If any witness had said: “I saw Lee in the cafeteria at 12:29” their testimony would have been dismissed.

        1. No, it isn’t. She never deviated from her testimony that she had seen Oswald, whether it was at 12:15 or 12:25.

  24. “If Lee did not spend a considerable amount of time practicing with THAT RIFLE in the weeks and months before the assassination, then I would say that Lee DID NOT FIRE the shots that killed the President and wounded Governor Connally.” (p. 208, ” Lee – A Portrait of LHO by his brother.”)

    Emphasis added. No ifs ands or buts about it, though he does wonder why the WC rejected the idea Lee practiced at all. And if Oswald was impersonated at the gun range, gun shop and other places, as Matthew Smith puts it – there is no innocent explanations for the impersonations.

    As for Robert, I think the Parkland movie gives an accurate portrayal of him except in the credits where it claimes Robert believed his brother was guilty. If you read his book, he is very suspicious of Ruth and Michael Paine – and I’m glad he’s alive today so he can standby his statements and beliefs. Maybe Jeff can invite him to participate, and set Photon straight.

    Bill Kelly

    1. So you didn’t know that he was alive, did you? Trying to make a false claim about Mr. Oswald’s perception of his brother’s guilt is beyond the pale, Bill. Mr. Oswald is a very private and honorable man who has been maligned by more than one CT ” expert” in large part because he has publically stated that he believes that Lee was guilty. He was recently forced to violate his privacy to pursue legal action to recover his brother’s original coffin to prevent its display as a morbid curiosity.
      Why misrepresent his views?-unless you didn’t think you would get caught.

      1. Bill, the book you quote was written in 1967 with two ghost writers.
        Do you claim the 1993 interview that Robert gave that was aired on Frontline is faked?

        1. Do you claim the 1967 book was faked?
          It seems a lot of people in this story suffered witness remorse over the years.
          A witness’s prior statement is a legitimate basis for impeachment of that witness. Federal Rules of Evidence, Rule 613.

          1. Did Robert say in the 1967 book that he DIDN’t think Lee shot JFK?
            Let’s see a quote. To my knowledge Robert has never stated publically or privately that he ever thought that his brother did not shoot JFK, while stating publically multiple times that he had no doubt that Lee shot him.
            Kelly’s claim that he thought Lee didn’t do it is an outright lie.

          2. The quote was supplied by Mr. Kelly, above; page 208 of Robert’s book, “Lee.”
            Was Robert an eyewitness? If not, his opinion as to whether LHO shot JFK is meaningless and inadmissible.

        2. An outright lie?

          I quoted him directly saying if his brother did not practice with that rifle in the days and weeks before the assassination – as the Warren Report contends – then Lee did not fire the shots that killed the president and wounded governor Connally.

          Now Photon says Robert didn’t write the book but two ghost writers did. Now that’s BS if not a lie, as Photon – who fits the COP personality profile himself, comes to the realization that he has lost a valuable confirmation of his faulty beliefs.

          So far Photon has called me a liar and said my quote from Robert’s book is BS, and I know it, but he can’t deny it because it’s true.

          Robert says in the book he waited to read the Warren Report before writing his side of the story, was very suspicious of Ruth and Michael Paine, and didn’t believe the Warren Report conclusion that Oswald didn’t practice with that rifle which if true, he says, exonerates him as the shooter. It’s plain and simple – either Oswald practiced with that rifle or it remained in a blanket in the Paine’s garage until the morning of the assassination. If the latter, as the WC concludes, then Robert says Lee did not fire those shots. Get it?

          You lose Posner to plagerism, Buglosi dies, McAdams shoots himself in the foot and now Robert Oswald questions the Warren Report and challenges Photons engrained but false beliefs. Will Photon come clean and admit he was wrong or come up with another lame excuse – like he uses ghostwriters too.

          1. Please give one quote from Robert Oswald stating he does not think that his brother shot JFK.
            Obviously HE thought that his brother practiced with the rifle, no matter what the Warren Commision said. Kelly has taken a hypothetical question in a ghost written book completely out of context and claims that it proves Robert thinks his brother was innocent. Well, considering the mind set of some CTers that is understandable.
            On tape, Robert Oswald YouTube :
            ” JFK Assassination Robert Talks about Lee Harvey Oswald”
            ” Lee Harvey Oswald Killed JFK Robert Oswald Says It There Put It To Rest” Two separate interviews. What do you want Bill- personal communication?
            Bill Kelly is lying about what Robert Oswald believes and has said publically. Robert Oswald has publically stated that he believes that that his brother shot JFK . It is on tape. It is in the public record. I wish that Mr. Oswald would confront this charlatan who has to resort to a falsehood to bolster his case, but as he is a private man we can’t expect him to respond to every crackpot willing to post clearly identifiable lies.
            Resorting to lies is a terrible weakness of the CT community. This example is only the most blatant that I have seen recently.
            But look at the history.
            Beverly Oliver lies about using a type of camera to film the assassination without knowing that it didn’t exist at the time-a lie. She has a meeting with a ” good friend” 2 months after the dancer left the area. She couldn’t even take the time to invent a story with a person she could have actually talked with.
            Adele Edisen lies about going to Washington D.C. to meet a supposed co-conspirator but stupidly inventing a dinner at a restaurant closed on the date that she supposedly visited. She later compounded her lie by claiming to see the cherry blossoms in D.C. on a date 2 weeks after they had bloomed and shriveled up during the year in question. As any local knows they last for 3-4days and then are gone. She couldn’t even get her lies straight.

          2. Craig Roberts invents a lie about Carlos Hathcock-conveniently while the latter is in the middle of a fatal neurological illness and can’t respond. Of course Roberts lied about being a Marine sniper and has never explained how a Marine Sharpshooter ( exactly the same level as Oswald) could ever be admitted to the Marine sniper program, which accepts only Rifle Experts. But heck, no CTer will ever check somebody who spouts out CT claims.
            How about Tink Thompson, perhaps the most egregious liar before Mr. Kelly’s insane claim about Robert Oswald . The distinguished Dr. Thompson claimed that Billy Hargis was hit with ” such force ” by blood and gore that he thought that he was hit. But Thompson made up ( ie , lied) about what Hargis said ; as I have posted on at least 3 separate occasions Hargis stated that he ” drove through” an aerosolized cloud of debris . There is absolutely no correlation for the ” such force” claim-anywhere. Of course that didn’t stop Dr. Thompson from lying as to where the Harper fragment was found-as confirmed by conspirator author Millecent Cranor, who actually talked to Harper. After 40 years Thompson is still making a good living off of his lies.
            How about Dr. Aguilar , lying about a corpsman at Bethesda being a ” Ph.D. Graduate student in Pathology in an attempt to give him credence , when in reality he was just a high school graduate corpsman with an A school education who moonlighted in the mortuary while pursuing Laboratory Medicine tech qualifications.
            All lies-certifiable, proven and indefensible .
            And now Kelly joins the team.

          3. Bobby Hargis position is JFK’s back of the left side.
            So many assassination resercher believed this spatter pattern proved knoll shooter(shot from right front).
            But JFK’s head left side no hole(exit wound) exist.
            This spatter pattern not proved knoll shooter.
            This spatter affetced by Dealey plaza’s strong wind.

            And,JFK’s blood and brain flying in back of the right direction.(“Investigation of a Homicide:The Murder of John F. Kennedy”).
            All assassination resercher ignored.

          4. Dealey Plaza’s strong winds? Talk about making an assumption, Okina.

            Have you ever stopped to consider why many Dealey Plaza witnesses, who were among the closest to the limousine, were never called to testify by the Warren Commission?

          5. This comment is answer to Mr.Reagan.

            Mr.Reagan,you not know this famous 8-mm film slide?


            “Have you ever stopped to consider why many Dealey Plaza witnesses, who were among the closest to the limousine, were never called to testify by the Warren Commission?”

            Warren Commission’s cover-up,I realized it.
            This is a bad thing.
            But knoll shooter’s existence “possibility”‘s cover-up not proved a knoll shooter’s existance.
            Recently published books used “Knoll shooter’s existence cover-up act proved knoll-shooter’s existence” method.
            “Brothers”,”Marry’s mosaic”…

            I must question to you,three men standed near the shooter’s(if exist) position.
            After the head shot,these men surprised,but they didn’t look back.
            Because no gunshot sound from their back.

            After the head shot,Marilyn Sitzmen looked back,she seeing behind the fence(so-called knoll shooter’s position).
            No one exist.

            In 1993,I visited Dealey Plaza,soon I realized grassy-knoll shooter’s figure clearly visible elsewhere.
            Conspiracy is only theory.

    1. This is a old myth.
      In fact,Oswald says
      “They’ve taken me in because of the fact that I lived in the Soviet Union.I’m just a patsy!”.

      Oswald “Patsy”‘s meaning is
      “If I lived in Soviet Union,please not distrust me,this is false accusation!”

      From first,”I’m a Patsy” phrase is misused by first-generation resercher.
      In 1960’,tv-recoded home video machine is not exist.
      Oswald “I’m a patsy” film copyright belong CBS.
      First generation reserchers did want know “Patsy”‘s full remarks.
      But this film didn’t re-on-air among few years.
      In 1966(or 1967,sorry I forgot),Harold Weisberg find “Patsy” memo from WCH(VOL20 P366).
      But this Seth Kantor’s notebook didn’t contain full phrese.
      Only one word “I’m just a patsy”.
      Perhaps Weisberg not misused but only misunderstanded.

      “I’m a just patsy!” myth is started.

      1. Mr. Okina, why do you allege that Oswald’s statement was a myth? It seems to be nothing other than a subjective interpretation of his words.

        Others can argue that Oswald was telling the world that he had been used as a “patsy” to obscure the real assassins. In fact many highly credible researchers argue that Oswald’s movements from 12:30 pm on indicate he was processing the fact that Kennedy had been murdered in the vicinity of his employment, that he had been employed there only weeks prior, that his Russian defection which culminated in returning to the US with a Russian wife (the daughter of a Soviet military man) represented the perfect circumstantial evidence to indict him, and/or that he was conscious of only one of many compartments of a conspiracy.

        If Oswald as a lone gunman was not seeking fame but intent on killing the President of the United States and getting away with it, why didn’t he escape into the undeveloped landscape behind the TSBD building and take cover until dark rather than cavalierly walking to public transportation and ending up inside the Texas Theatre?

        If you are going to promote OR debunk the versions of events you have gleaned from the 500 books you have read, shouldn’t you also address all of the anomalies?

  25. Arnaldo M. Fernandez

    According to Castro, a fanatic confesses his crime immediately and explains why he committed it. That´s the normal psychology of a fanatic. But here we have the strange case of a murderer firing from his own workplace, and a non-fanatic wouldn´t have taken such a risk of being identified. He would have looked for another building, instead of shooting from where he works. Either Oswald was framed or he has been perfectly prepared to commit the crime after having been given the promise of an escape.

    1. Why are you assuming that he thought he would be identified? Since when is Castro an expert in psychology? Why are you assuming that the assassin was a fanatic?
      William Kelly , are you claiming that Robert Oswald DOESN’T think that his brother assassinated JFK?
      That is BS, pure and simple. And you know that. Obviously what you took out of context was the fact that Robert is convinced that Lee practiced with the rifle-it is only a statement of common sense. While you can say what you want about the witnesses who claimed to see Oswald at a firing range( ie, ignore inconvenient witnesses) Oswald was observed by others working the bolt of the rifle seen in the BYP-which was the same rifle found in the TSBD according to photo experts.
      Perhaps Mr. Kelly is not aware that Robert Oswald is still alive.

      1. Arnaldo M. Fernandez

        I’m not assuming that HE thought anything. I just saying that a NON/FANATIC wouldn’t have planned killing a U.S. President from his own workplace. I’m not assuming that LHO was a fanatic. I’m just saying that, if he would have been a fanatic, he wouldn’t have denied killing JFK. Thus, the alternatives are that he was framed or given the promise of a escape. And don’t talk about the rifle: the one in evidence is not the same that the WC said LHO purchased by mail.

        1. Let me quote you a little history. The most famous Presidential assassin DID kill his victim AT his workplace! And he wasn’t a fanatic, but a calculating individual who actually tried to form a conspiracy -although in essence he WAS the conspiracy.
          Why do you feel the need to create non-existent “rules” that history proves are false?

      2. Bob Prudhomme


        Are you attempting to tell us that “working the bolt of the rifle seen in the BYP” is somehow equivalent to practicing at a range with a rifle?

        Who are these “others” who observed him doing this?

      1. Good for him-whoever he was.
        If by chance you meant McKinley’s assassin(apprehended in the process of shooting his victim) he actually didn’t say much and refused to speak to his lawyers
        I guess he didn’t know the ” rules” on Presidential assassin behavior.

  26. He’s still innocent until proven guilty in a court of law in Texas per the time. Maybe he was telling the truth.

    1. And we know from declassified CIA, State and FBI documents that the CIA contacted French OAS assassin, Jean Souetre, some months prior to the assassination in Lisbon — without every mentioning it to the French, our allies, when Souetre was wanted in connection for an attempted assassination on President de Gaulle?

      Then, on the very day of the assassination of President Kennedy, an expulsion order is issued to pick up Jean Souetre in Dallas?!

      And French intelligence later confirms that Souetre was in the USA during November of 1963.

      Could that possibly have something to do with it? (My sarcasm is directed at the other commenters, Ronnie.)

      1. And we know from declassified CIA, State and FBI documents that the CIA contacted French OAS assassin, Jean Souetre, some months prior to the assassination in Lisbon — without every mentioning it to the French, our allies, when Souetre was wanted in connection for an attempted assassination on President de Gaulle?


        Then, on the very day of the assassination of President Kennedy, an expulsion order is issued to pick up Jean Souetre in Dallas?!

        That’s a factoid. Souetre claimed that, but it apparently was not true.

        1. Yo, dood! I have included links to the declassified files at the Ferrell Foundation on more than three occasions now, and everyone familiar with you realizes that you are a sham and a scammer — always available to fraudsters like Thomas Mallon, etc.

          You have ignored those links on previous occasions, and even responded with a non sequitur.

          Your comments are thusly ignored.

      2. Yes it could Sgt. I’ve read the expulsion order didn’t come from the INS so had to come from State or CIA. But I’ve never seen any proof of which. Maybe destroyed or buried?
        As it stands I can’t see much more information coming out in support of this theory unless there is something buried in a file, found in an attic trunk or the son or daughter of friend or family come forward with new information.
        But I could see Bill Harvey contacting Soutre in Europe in the summer of 63 and guaranteeing security in the fall.

        1. I believe I already responded with links to you in the past.

          Doesn’t take much effort to go over to the Ferrell Foundation and look it up.

          Otherwise, one cannot take you seriously, like that McAdams character.

  27. I’m always confounded that some of the research community overlook or do not mention often enough about the two separate sets of ID for Hidell and Oswald. One set found at the Tippit murder scene, (in a wallet) and the other on Oswald’s person, removed from his back pocket once in custody with the DPD, (second wallet). Creditable witnesses?? If they are, seems pretty obvious to me.


    @7:00 – https://www.youtube.com/feature=player_embedded

    (Tom S. note: Lower link is not “broken”. It is meaningless since it points to no additional video and top linked video is less than 5 min. in length.)

    1. If that true that was planted, okay and tipot and the guy who shot him were staying a heated conversation, in which tipot was going for his gun and the other shot him! After the guy shot tipot worth first shot being the death shot pretty much in the heart, tipot falls down and the guy knowing tipot dead goes up to him and shoes him In the head and empties the rest of shells in ground at crime scene! So I can tell you one thing, start the fatal shot you leave anyone would, shooting cop in broad daylight, in Texas of all states, you leave right away and you would not just do all that after killing cop especiallyv snoring rest of shells near tipot of crime scene and shooting him in the head while he already dead laying on ground! So yeah

    1. Amen he was not love gunman not shooter! Besides dozens of witnesses saw two men on sixth floor one in one end and another on the other end and it was all open space on the sixth floor

  28. Ramon F Herrera

    The plotters were really good (best in the world, only matched by their Soviet counterparts), but there were points of failure, impossible to control, in their otherwise excellent plan.

    (1) As Fidel said “Committing the murder from your place of employment”, with no escape strategy.

    (2) Nobody was more surprised than Lee about the development, hence the hasty run. Had he known what was about to happen, he would have taken his other jacket and revolver with him.

    (3) But this is the most absurd point, unfathomable: a person who does not own a car, does not know how to drive trying to go to Cuba (or elsewhere) with $14 in his pocket?

  29. I favor the simplest explanation: He denied doing it because he was innocent.

    Genuine assassins — whether politically motivated fanatics who wish to martyr themselves or perennial losers who crave the spotlight at any cost — do not deny that they did what they are accused of. They brag about it. They want the whole world to know that they did it, all by themselves. (Mark Chapman actually shouted “I acted alone!” when he was arrested.) They don’t act like Oswald, who denied the murder with his dying breath. They don’t insist that they actually admired the guy they’re accused of shooting. They don’t tell their spouse, “It’s a mistake. I’m not guilty.”

    Oswald was nothing like the person the Warren Commission claimed he was. The Report’s portrayal of him as a sociopathic, resentful loser who wanted to “get his name in the history books” was sheer fiction.

    1. Your joke is nice!
      Oswald is typical wannabe and sociopath.
      I advice to you “Passport to Assassination”
      (Oleg M. Nechiporenko) reading.
      Until now,you read a OSWALD diary?

      He shot and killed Tippet,this is a fact.
      He denied his Police killing,this is a fact.
      Shortly before his arrest,he punched one policeman by his gun,
      then he attempted to shot this policeman.
      Next he shouted “Police brutality”,”I’m not resist”,
      this is a fact.

      He insist “I’m not shot anybody”,this is a fact.
      But you believed a this man’s excuse?

    2. ” Genuine assassins… Do not deny that they did what they were accused of.”
      Perhaps you should amend your statement to ” Genuine assassins who are apprehended at the scene of the crime”.
      Oswald got away-remember? Besides, if he was afraid the public would rapidly loose interest ( as per his statement) why spill the beans early?Remember, Oswald had been in custody less than 48 hours. Who is to say he wouldn’t have spilled his guts the day after he was shot?

      1. You’re overlooking an important point, Photon: Most assassins don’t even try to get away. They want to be caught, because they want the attention, either for themselves or for their cause. They’re not like most murderers, who understandably don’t want to be caught. They are committing a public act to make themselves, however briefly, public figures.

        If Oswald was a political fanatic who shot Kennedy to make a statement, it stands to reason that he would want to be caught so that he could make the most of his moment in the sun. If he was a loser who shot Kennedy because he wanted to be famous, it’s even more likely that he’d want to be caught. Instead, he leaves the scene of the crime (in no noticeable hurry) and resists arrest when he’s finally caught. Why?

        1. Most assassins that fire close to a victim CAN’T get away-they are close to their victims and easily apprehended.
          Oswald was a sniper and was able to get away-and did.
          James Earl Ray was a sniper and was able to get away-and did.
          Even close assassins can sometimes can get away – and do. Ever hear of Olaf Palme?
          To think that political assassins have to follow certain rules of behavior after committing murder is illogical rubbish .

          1. James Earl Ray was not a sniper. In fact, to my knowledge, no one has ever been able to prove that he ever had any kind of experience firing a rifle, or even handling one.

            And, just like Jean D., you contradict yourself, first claiming that assassins who murder from close up get caught, then for no reason at all bring up the unsolved murder of Olaf Palme.

            Talk about illogical rubbish.

        2. Jeremy Gilbert

          Booth certainly didn’t want to get caught. Seems that there isn’t a script assassins are supposed to follow.

    3. All assassins are not the same. James Earl Ray didn’t stick around to brag about his deed — he hightailed it out of there, as Oswald did. Even John Wilkes Booth fled after jumping onto the stage. Olof Palme’s killer fled the scene without “claiming credit” and has never been caught or identified to this day.

      1. Oswald stuck around the TSBD for perhaps 15 minutes after Kennedy and Connolly were shot — hardly a case of having “hightailed it out of there.” And his eventual departure showed no sense of urgency. According to the official story, when he did leave, he got on a bus that took him back though the murder scene.

        BTW, you’ve posted quite a contradictory comment here. You open with “[a]ll assassins are not the same.” Then you proceed to sort of state in very muddled way that they are essentially the same, in spite of the fact that Oswald denied killing anyone with his dying breath, Ray confessed then recanted, and Booth proclaimed his deed in front of an audience that was bound to recognize him.

        People like you argue that Oswald murdered Kennedy because he was a demented nobody who longed for immortality. The fact that he never did anything but deny he’d anything to do with JFK’s assassination is very inconvenient for you. Can’t say I blame you for not being able to write convincingly, or coherently, about it.

        1. Oswald was on the bus at 12:40 after a seven block walk from the TSBD. Obviously to make that time he left the TSBD almost immediately after the assassination. He requested a bus transfer at 12:44. The times are documented.
          In less than the 15 minutes that you claim Oswald ” stuck around” the TSBD he walked seven city blocks, boarded a bus, requested a bus transfer when he realized it was taking him back toward the seen of the crime.
          Why tell a falsehood if your claim has any merit?

          1. Sorry no he was not, that was imposter! Oswald was at the depository, for fifteen minutes after shooting and in fact left thru the front door, not the back, where there is lots of people and cops, which for an alleged lone nut is weird,also he gelled a guy find a pay phone before he left!

        2. Are you disagreeing with the statement “all assassins are not the same”?

          “People like you argue that Oswald murdered Kennedy because he was a demented nobody who longed for immortality.”

          That’s not my argument.

      2. I didn’t say that “all assassins are the same.” I said that assassins almost always wish to take credit for their crime. This means that Oswald’s refusal to take credit for the crime undermines every motive that’s been suggested for him. It is a little difficult to square the idea of an Oswald who fired those shots to impress Fidel Castro or achieve instant fame with the actual Oswald who said “I emphatically deny these charges” and called himself a “patsy.”

        Booth fled the scene of his crime because he wanted to join up with the Confederate resistance, not because he wanted to disappear into oblivion. He made no attempt to hide his responsibility for shooting Lincoln; in fact, he assumed he’d be hailed as a hero for doing it.

        Saying that Oswald “hightailed it out of there” is rather amusing. Ray fled to Canada under a fake name, and then caught a plane for England. Oswald wandered away from the scene of the crime, took his time getting home, and then went to the movies. Clearly the behavior of a desperate criminal.

        1. “Oswald wandered away from the scene of the crime, took his time getting home, and then went to the movies. Clearly the behavior of a desperate criminal.”

          Wow, J.D., what have you been reading?

          Oswald was the only worker who’d been inside the TSBD at the time of the shooting who left before the building was sealed off. While his fellow workers were still waiting to go home, Johnny Brewer saw Oswald ducking the cops on Jefferson Blvd. near the movie theater: “… His hair was sort of messed up and looked like he had been running, and he looked scared, and he looked funny.”


          1. Jeremy Gilbert

            So the fact that the first thing Oswald did after one of the most shocking events in American history happened mere feet away was… to buy a Coke(!)… and to stand around and act cool while everyone else is freaking out… that’s not odd behaviour?

            It sounds more like something someone who had just carried out a crime would do – act completely calm and cool – despite the utter chaos that was happening around him. If you came a across a murder scene with bodies lying around, with people screaming and freaking out, and you saw one guy acting as if nothing had happened, sipping a Coke, are you telling me that is not suspicious behaviour?

            As for not being out of breath, hell, even Earl Warren managed the Olympian feat of getting down those stairs without getting out of breath!

          2. “It sounds more like something someone who had just carried out a crime would do – act completely calm and cool – despite the utter chaos that was happening around him.”~Jeremy Gilbert

            Totally conjecture Mr Gilbert. No one knew if Kennedy had even been hit at that point, let alone killed.
            You act like everyone was running around the TSBD pulling their hair out and screaming.
            The first person Oswald encountered that was anywhere near tense was officer Baker.

          3. “If you came a across a murder scene with bodies lying around, with people screaming and freaking out, and you saw one guy acting as if nothing had happened, sipping a Coke, are you telling me that is not suspicious behaviour?”

            That is not a comparable situation. Oswald, for whatever reason, was inside the building when the shooting happened. He was not at “a murder scene with bodies lying around.” He couldn’t even see that “everybody else was freaking out,” because he was the only one there.

            Apparently it’s evidence of guilt that Oswald’s hair looked “messed up” when he walked into the movie theater, and also evidence of guilt that he looked completely calm and collected right after the assassination. What kind of reasoning is that?

        2. This comment is answer to Mr.J.D.

          Yes,after the head shot,Oswald is very cool.
          After the head shot,TSBD’s shooter is very cool.
          After the Tippet killing,shooter is very cool.
          I analyzed Oswald habit pattern.
          After the big incident,act of criminal,he often played cool man.
          TSBD shooter = Tippet killer = Oswald.

          Why Oswald tell a lie about his whereabouts?
          Because he is a TSBD6th shooter.

      3. “All assassins are not the same. James Earl Ray didn’t stick around to brag about his deed — he hightailed it out of there, as Oswald did.”~Jean Davison

        That is because James Earl Ray was a patsy, just like Oswald was. See: ORDERS TO KILL by William F. Pepper.

        1. I read Pepper books(except most new one),these books are purely fantasy,pack of lie!

          Why Pepper didn’t explain Ray’s guilty confession to his former “wife”(in law)?
          You didn’t know “ORDERS TO KILL”s fabrication?
          You not know this book go out-of-print reason?
          You believed a “Soul”‘s exstence?
          You believed a Loyd Jowers’s “confession”?

          I read 1999 trial transcript full version.
          This trial is ridiculous!

          1. “I read Pepper books(except most new one),these books are purely fantasy,pack of lie!”~HIDEJI OKINA

            I read Pepper’s book and it is based on government documents and sworn testimony, and well footnoted.

          2. This comment is answer to Mr.Whitten.

            I read pro-conspiracy books(about this theme),anti-conspiracy books,HSCA final report,HSCA’s material,Ray’s autobiography’s(two books),Ray’s brother’s book,1999 trial full
            I see tv-document.

            Strange,you believed Ggreen Beret sniper team killed Dr.King?
            You thinked Loyd Jowers is honest man?
            You believed so-called “secret telegram from pentagon”?
            Why Carroll & Grof Pub apologize to Billy Eidson?
            You believed Eidson is ghost?

            In Pepper’s first book “Orders to kill” contains Anna Sandhu Ray and James Earl Ray’s divorce situation,but he not explain divorce reason.
            Because Ray admitted to his wife he killed Dr.King.
            Papper’s second book “An Act of State” not included this information only one sentence.

            I suspected,you are real American?

          3. Ridiculous or not, the King family believes James Earl Ray was innocent. I suggest you read the post-trial statements by Coretta Scott King http://www.thekingcenter.org/sites/default/files/Assassination%20Trial%20-%20Family%20Press%20Conference.pdf

            Perhaps you could explain to us how a petty criminal, like James Earl Ray, was sophisticated enough to plan and execute the assassination, create forged ID/Passport, and was somehow able to flee to Canada, then to England, to Portugal, and back to England, before he was finally apprehended. Pretty remarkable for a small-time thug to accomplish all this unaided.

            New FBI Files Say White Supremacists Paid For Martin Luther King’s Assassination http://www.mmdnewswire.com/martin-luther-king-4864.html#.V4JDyCMMIpk.twitter

          4. This comment is answer to Mr.Reagan.

            “Ridiculous or not, the King family believes James Earl Ray was innocent. I suggest you read the post-trial statements by Coretta Scott King”

            It’s sad,Ray is third-rate con-man.
            But Dr.King’s family hate U.S goverment,especially FBI.
            FBI’s(Hoover) conspiracy to Dr.King
            is not proved Ray’s innocent.

            Dr,King’s family believed Ray’s innocent or not,it’s only opinion,as a truthseeker,this opinion is worthless.
            This opinion is baseless,not a logic but a emotion.
            If President Obama believed UFO’s existance,you believed UFO?

            This is a typically conspiracy-believer’s and so-called “assassination resercher”‘s method.
            Famous men and women’s baseless opinion is worthless,but conspiracy believier and so-called “assassination resercher” mis-used these opinion.

            Why Ray’s buddy “Saul”‘s hair color and skin color is so many time changed(in Ray’s explanation,fairy-tale talk).
            Because “Saul” is not exist.
            And Ray anticipated coincide with new suspect arisen in future,in someday.

            I recommented to you “Hellhound On His Trail: The Electrifying Account of the Largest Manhunt In American History”
            (Hampton Sides).

          5. Okina, opinions are just personal beliefs, regardless of one’s social status. However, I would tend to put more stock in a person’s opinion who is a lot more closely tied to historical events than armchair researchers on the internet, but that’s just me.

            Would you not agree the King family had reason to not look favourably upon the FBI, or J. Edgar Hoover in particular, given his paranoid obsession with MLK?

            Speaking of the “largest manhunt in American history”, you have not explained how a two-bit criminal managed to evade arrest without help for nearly two months?

            If it hadn’t been for alert Canadian authorities tying Ray to a Sneyd alias, he likely would have ended up lying low in a country with no extradition for years to come.

            Canadian connection in the Martin Luther King assassination http://www.cbc.ca/1.696100

            Now this site is about JFK, so let’s stick to his assassination. For as much as you may not want to acknowledge, there is a long list of well known and people connected to this case who doubted the WC findings.

          6. This comment is second answer to Mr.Reagan.

            William Huie’s book “He Slew the Dreamer : My Search for the Truth About James Earl Ray and the Murder of Martin Luther King Jr. ” first title is “They slew the Dreamer”.
            Before the (with Ray)long interview,Huie believed Dr.King killed by “They”(them,Big conspiracy plotters).
            But after the interview and his own reserch,he concluded Dr.King killed by “He(Him)”(Ray alone).

            Why Ray not go to South Africa direct route?
            Why Ray rob a bank in London?
            Because he have not a some money.
            He is not a one of big conspiracy team.

            Why “Saul” give to Ray his real name?
            It’s very strange,because “Saul” is imagination by Ray.

            I read over 500 books about JFK assassination.
            Over 95% pro-conspiracy side.
            In USA,perhaps all JFK assassination reserch books 99% are pro-conspiracy.
            But why only 60% US people believed conspiracy?
            Because a conspiracy-side is very weak.

            In Oswald fictional trial movies(1964,1977) and book (Walt Brown,”People versus Lee Harvey Oswald”),all jury voted his innocence.(movies ended before the vote).

            In Oswald real mock trials(1986,1992,2013),4 times vote,40 of 48 jury voted his guilty.

            Perhaps,the men and women who interested JFK assassination are dislike these fact.

          7. Sorry Okina, your logic makes no sense and you provide no proof or links to support your statistics.

            If you have taken the time to read over 500 books on this subject, you need to get outside and get more sunshine, boy.

          8. Shocking Jean, that you would agree. When do you plan on addressing the last paragraph of CE 2585, page 4?

          9. “When do you plan on addressing the last paragraph of CE 2585, page 4?”

            Answered in the other thread, David. (“Flip de Mey’s…”)

          10. Okina writes: “In USA,perhaps all JFK assassination reserch books 99% are pro-conspiracy. But why only 60% US people believed conspiracy? Because a conspiracy-side is very weak.”

            Okina, the problem with your argument is that the most successful and widely available books about the JFK case, and the books which tend to receive the most attention from the media, are Oswald-as-lone-gunman books. Posner’s Case Closed was a Pulitzer finalist and probably received more media attention than any other JFK book since the ’60s. Bugliosi’s book received a lot of attention as well. Bill O’Reilly wrote a bestselling non-conspiracy assassination book, and the New York Times actually reviewed it. (Something they didn’t bother to do for David Talbot’s latest book.) Most of the pro-conspiracy books you refer to sink without a trace and never have any impact on the public at all. Most people are never exposed to the work of serious researchers like Jefferson Morley; the only pro-conspiracy stuff they’re likely to come across is nonsense like “Ted Cruz’s dad did it.”

  30. I have always thought he was involved in some capacity. His behavior prior to the shooting and just after was too weird. A look-out? He carried part of the rifle with him to work that day? He set up the boxes then left for the lunchroom so he’d have an alibi? He goes home and a police car honks its horn. He then picks up a revolver and goes to the movies? Who goes to the movies when you’ve just left the scene of the President being assassinated? Meeting someone? He moves around in the movie theater? Then I think he’s smart enough to know he’s being set up to take the fall. This part of it all I’m not sure we’ll ever know for sure.

  31. Philip Zozzaro

    I always wondered that myself. Oswald never confessed, but that doesn’t stop the detractors from finding something from nothing. Once one lone gunman theory dissipates, they jump to the next one. Some of the detractors on conspiracy are surely well-meaning (others not so much), but they are blinded by their belief. This website does a service towards looking at the assassination from both perspectives. I have always believed that John F. Kennedy was killed as a result of a domestic conspiracy, but am willing to listen to anyone’s theories.

    1. You are 100% right, Philip. JFK was killed by a homeland group called S40 from the CIA. It was a group, who were trying to kill Castro several times, but as JFK worked against CIA policy in Cuba, they used the same people to kill JFK. Frank Sturges and several others. Look for Daniel Sheehan about JFK on Goggle, and you will learn a lot about the killing in Dallas in 1963, years before and after that sad day. It’s a scary story, Philip.

  32. Why would he have admitted it? He was already the center of attraction, world famous. Wasn’t that exactly what he wanted? A clue might be one of his quotes from the same source – ” American people will soon forget the president was killed…”- why would he say that? Was it a personal concern about how long the interest would last? Of course a trial would keep that interest going; there could not be better venue to explain his motives, actions, maybe even justifications. Perhaps he never anticipated the level of coverage- remember, this was the first world-shaking event to be covered in its entirety by television. Why terminate that early by spilling the beans? It was Oswald’s brother who stated that he thought that Lee would ultimately admit his guilt but that at least initially he was not going to give the police anything.
    Of course,maybe he simply thought that he could get away with it. He later denied shooting Tippit despite asking in the police car if cop killers got the death penalty-a tacit admission to a murder and flight witnessed by several individuals. But even in the face of overwhelming evidence regarding that murder he claimed innocence.
    The fact that this site and multiple pro- conspiracy sites exist, that there are thousands of true believers out there who willfully ignore the physical evidence, who can accept the most cockamamie theories simply to exonerate Oswald proves to me that if Oswald thought that he could get away with it he was not totally irrational.

    1. But he DID get away with it. He was never convicted of either murder.
      Ruby got away with it, too. His conviction was overturned on appeal and he died in custody before the retrial could take place. Like the late CEO of Enron, Ken Lay, he died technically not guilty.
      The DPD were quite an outfit: one murder (Tippit) witnessed by four or more eyewitnesses; another murder (Oswald)witnessed on live television by millions; and the murder of the president on a downtown Dallas street in front of hundreds of witnesses, recorded on a film seen by billions of people all over the world.
      0 for 3, with no transcripts and the lead suspect shot in the basement of the police station. No wonder Jessie Curry couldn’t decide what he believed.
      What an outfit.

    2. Oswald’s brother had doubts that Lee fired the shots that killed JFK and wounded Connally, as he states clearly in his book Lee – “If Lee did not practice with that rifle in the days and weeks prior to the assassination then he did not take those shots.”

      Robert, himself a USMC marksman who gave Lee his first rifle and taught him to shoot, could not understand why the Warren Commission would discount the reports of him practicing at a rifle range, and insisting the rifle remained in Mrs. Paine’s garage until the morning of the murder. Those who quote Robert Oswald like Photon should read his book and learn the truth.

      Oswald would never admit to the shooting because he wasn’t the man in the white shirt and very distinguishing bald spot in the window with the rifle, and was on the first floor at the time of the shooting.

      Bill Kelly

      1. Bill, why did you put out the lie that Robert Oswald didn’t think that his brother killed JFK?
        Did you think that nobody would notice?
        Did you think that Robert was dead and that you could get away with misinformation?
        Did you think that a ghost written book from 1967 trumps 40 years of interviews-even as the book laid out Robert’s conviction that Lee was guilty?
        What other lies have you put out that you didn’t think anybody would check?
        This is one of the most egregious lies put out in this whole debate-and let’s call it what it is-a deliberate lie about a well known Warren supporter in an attempt to exonerate Lee Oswald. Simply shocking-and the end of any credibility that you have on this matter.

      2. He may even have been at the front of tbd. The Altgen photo looks altered. They superimposed Lovelady’s face on Oswald’s. The shirt and jacket are those worn by Oswald.

      3. I know this is a minor detail and probably discussed in detail many times but being a USMC “MARKSMAN” is nothing to brag about. It is called a “toilet seat” badge in the Corps due to the target circles on it. It is the lowest badge rating for rifle qualifying.
        I have always doubted LHO’s abilities as a shooter.

  33. He anticipated Rosenbergs trial reproduce.
    After the high-school drop out,he insist “I want kill
    He dreamed in his future trial,he bacame a “victim”,”patsy” by
    super power.
    I think this is a very simple thing.
    In his lifetime note(diary,letter,poem,fiction),he insist
    again and again and again “I(We) shall overthrow Power!”.

    He didn’t hate Kennedy,but he extremely hate “Power”,”State”.
    He shot a USA’S symbol.

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