4 thoughts on “‘an engaging look at the most enigmatic Kennedy’ ”

  1. J.D. A thoughtful comment. I have 2 photos of RFK in my office. One the actual Time Magazine cover from the week he died.

  2. To be honest, this book sounds like a rehash of the same old cliches we’ve been hearing about Bobby Kennedy for decades, right down to the title: couldn’t the author think of a better way to describe this endlessly interesting man than “liberal icon”?

    It does seem peculiar that writing in a positive way about either Kennedy opens you up to charges of “hagiography” or being a “Camelot apologist.” Imagine if biographers of Abraham Lincoln were accused of being “Lincoln apologists.”

  3. More probable I think is that Bobby was, in the words of Lyndon Johnson, “a shit ass. Ike and Truman’s appraisal of Bobby also uses the word, “shit”.

    It makes one wonder about the “Dark Prince”.
    I’ve read that some of the Camelot crowd didn’t like Bobby either but I had never seen a quote before this one; “Ted Sorensen remembered him (Bobby) as “militant, aggressive, intolerant, opinionated, and somewhat shallow in his convictions…..more like his father than his brother.”

    “Camelot’s Court; Inside the Kennedy White House”, page 44.
    This coming from one of the biggest Kennedy apologist to walk down the road.

    Bill Clarke

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