Oliver Stone on Trump and JFK

Oliver Stone on the still-secret JFK files that are supposed to be released in October 2021:

Stone believes that no US president since Kennedy died has been “able to go up against this militarised sector of our economy”. Even Trump “backed down at the last second” and declined to release all the relevant documents relating to the assassination. “He announced, ‘I’m going to free it up, blah blah blah, big talk, and then a few hours before, he caved to CIA National Security again.”

Stone is absolutely correct on this point. Read here.

Source: Oliver Stone interview: ‘There’s still a presence out there reminding people not to speak about JFK’s killing’ | The Independent

3 thoughts on “Oliver Stone on Trump and JFK”

  1. Why did Trump appoint Paul-Noel Chretien to the PIDB?
    Is Paul-Noel Chretien the son of CIA agent Paul M. Chretien?
    Paul M. was in many 1963 and 1964 meetings with key CIA names. The father’s obituary names the son. Is it possible the son, Paul-Noel, has key information and facts that he learned from his father? Can Paul-Noel be contacted for questions?




  2. I would like to comment on a phrase used in Oliver Stones article. That is when he speaks about the militarized sector of our economy.That is a very
    good phrase that accurately describes how far the government has and will go to keep the public under control and in the Quite. I will tell you how far they will go. Jack Ruby was a good friend of my
    family Jack,Jimmy Hoffa, Mr.Trafficanta,and Carlos Marcello all agreed and said in front of me that the government drug all the citizens in the big cities,with a extremely high dose of fluoride because high amounts of fluoride acted like a sedative, calming everybody down.The government acted like it was for their teeth ,but they give much more than was needed for teeth.This was done to keep people from rioting against the government,and calm them down.This had a backlash to it.All the workers in the big cities got drugged in the process.The American automotive workers produced junk cars as well as every other product was junk because they were drugged with fluoride. The big cities were so drugged the maffia had to turned to mountain,and very small cities to find people capable of commiting assassinations. Meanwhile because anything made in America was junk,Japan become no.1 in the world for automobiles and everything else. Back then if it said made in America,it was junk and nobody wanted it. Today,made in America is Great again.I hope the government dont pull a trick like the fluoride again. That’s bad when the maffia had to turn to the country people to find someone capable of doing an assassination.

  3. This quote was the only time _._.HICKS (a conspirator in the J.F.K. and the M.L.K assassinations commented on his involvement in the assisanations.

    ).::When I was young I never wanted to be a bad person,but everyone wanted me to be a bad man,they treated me like a bad man,then the world needed a bad man.So I became a bad man,a VERY VERY BADMAN.::;

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