4 thoughts on “Oliver Stone on the JFK files: ‘Trump got rolled’ by ‘Deep State’ ”

  1. Newly Released Files on Warren DeBrueys:

    Search on Warren DeBrueys on the list of released JFK files 11/17/17 and about 7 come up. These are the tip of the iceberg where DeBrueys is concerned and hopefully there are more to come.

    These 7 reveal:

    – The FBI tracked Oswald’s FPCC activities in New Orleans
    – The FBI sources provide a link with Oswald, FBI and The International Trade Mart – Not Clay Shaw directly!
    – The FBI knew of Oswald’s intended trip to Mexico and sent notice in advance to the Legal Attache in Mexico City for future investigative services.
    – DeBrueys knew of Oswald’s move to Dallas and warned others to look out for Inauguration of FPCC in that area.
    – DeBrueys acknowledged no FPCC activity in NO since Oswald moved to Dallas (already sheep dipped by the by Joannides)
    – DeBruey moved from NO to Dallas to shadow Oswald after he moved to Dallas

  2. Arnaldo M. Fernandez

    Point 4 is flawed. Oswald in Mexico City is not a mystery, but an almost solved research problem.
    The Oswald in the news was there, since his visa application at the Cuban Consulate on September 27, 1963, allowed to ID him based on his photo and his signature.
    However, he was impersonated by phone after visiting the Cuban Consulate, and it’s almost certain he was also impersonated in person on September 28, 1963, when an Oswald visited the Soviet Embassy.
    Such impersonation is a conspiracy fact that perfectly blended with another one: Oswald posing a pro Castro activist in New Orleans while leaving a paper trail against Castro in letters to the FPCC.

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