2 thoughts on “Angleton in 1963: a reckoning ”

  1. The FBI and CIA could regain some purchase by stating the truth, even after 54 years of propagating a false narrative about JFK, Oswald, Ruby and the events culminating on November 22-24, 1963. The people connected to these events and agencies are gone. Now is the time for full disclosure, and foor national closure. The lone assassin theory is demonstrably false, as is the single bullet theory, as are the speculations given for why JFK was killed.

  2. I was present at Mr. Morley’s excellent presentation at the JFK Lancer conference in Dallas. His earlier reporting, coupled with the new facts revealed in his biography of the CIA’s James Angleton, “The Ghost,” paint a compelling picture of Oswald being used for intelligence purposes in the months leading up to JFK’s assassination, with none of this information being shared with the Warren Commission or the American people.

    Any rational observer would have to conclude that this deliberate withholding of relevant information relates to why the CIA and other intelligence agencies continue to fight the required disclosure of documents under the JFK Records Act, some 54 years after the events in question.

    Cary Jennings
    Fort Worth, Texas

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