‘Does this not make LHO a CIA asset?’

A reader responds to THE GHOST:

“this is brilliant and pioneering work on LHO and the assassination. I guess the only thing I don’t quite get is, if you conclude that Angleton was using Oswald in some way(s), does this not make LHO a CIA asset? And if it makes him a CIA asset, doesn’t that directly implicate the CIA in JFK’s murder, no ifs, ands or buts (though still understanding that there are many grey and unexplained areas)?”

The answer is yes, Oswald was a CIA asset. He was used for intelligence purposes, first in Jim Angleton’s mole hunt and then in a COINTELPRO operation against the Fair Play for Cuba Committee in New Orleans in August 1963.

Those facts alone, however, do not necessarily implicate the CIA in JFK’s murder. They are not proof of an assassination conspiracy. They do, however, point to culpability. These two operations demonstrate that Oswald was a known personality to senior CIA officers, including Angleton.

Tomorrow: What one CIA officer said about Angleton and JFK






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