2 thoughts on “Nixon’s Plan to Threaten the CIA on JFK’s Assassination ”

  1. Chris Matthews is a washed up no-talent talking head. He was even fired by MSNBC for sexual harassment of female employees.
    He also fancies himself as a ghost whisperer to the surviving Kennedy family members. He has written about how they wear their polo shirt collars and how they like BLT sandwiches, as if he were an intimate.
    He started as a low level patrol officer on the Capitol Police. He made a connection with then Congressman Tip O’Neill, and obtained a staff job with his office.
    While his criticism of Haldeman’s book is clearly false, as Jeff has demonstrated, perhaps he should read the autobiography of his mentor, O’Neill, : “Man of the House.”
    O’Neil wrote that he believed the Warren Commission’s conclusions for many years, until he had a few beers with JFK’s Boston chums, Ken O’Donnell and Dave Powers. They had been riding in the motorcade in Dallas, and they were both combat veterans of WWII.
    They both said the sound and appearance of the scene suggested to them a frontal shot. They were told by the FBI that they were mistaken, and that to maintain such opinions would cause unnecessary trauma to the Kennedy family. So they kept their mouth shut…until they talked to Matthews’ old boss.

    1. Michael McDonald

      Hi Ed,

      Who is Matthews’ old boss? And what did did the boss say to make O’Donnell and Powers change their minds
      about speaking of their actual perceptions concerning the direction of the shots?

      Michael McDonald

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