JFK, Bob Dylan, and the death of the American Dream 

From The Nation, Tim Shorrock reconnoiters the terrain of Bob Dylan’s “Murder Most Foul.”

…the song is a reminder of the beauty of our music and culture. It’s a tribute to the artists, obscure and famous, who’ve taken us through the hard times, and who continue to lift us up as we brave this new world of Covid-19, social distancing, and the death of thousands by government failure and incompetence. In “Murder Most Foul,” that music becomes the counterpoint, the juxtaposition, to the horror and chaos of both JFK’s very public death and today’s global pandemic.

Source: JFK, Bob Dylan, and the Death of the American Dream | The Nation

2 thoughts on “JFK, Bob Dylan, and the death of the American Dream ”

  1. John F. Kennedy

    Death squalled black
    Screaming your head’s blood
    Silencing Silencing Silencing
    And I remember the day when
    Darkness dropped so heavy
    I could not find the Night

    John F. Kennedy

    You walked the shore’s edge
    Listening with a smile
    Holding how much sadness

    I have heard whispers
    Whispers across the waves
    Saying you glowed white as you swam
    As you swam away…….

    John F. Kennedy
    Your brother
    Your brother Robert
    Sought your leaving
    His voice echoing yours
    Breaking at Arlington
    Does he know you
    Does he know you now

    And I remember the day
    When Darkness dropped so Heavy
    I could not find the Night

    John F. Kennedy
    Near the shore shattered
    I kneel
    And I hear still the Sea
    The Sea
    Softning the Earth’s tears

    On this shore
    On that other shore
    A flame burns and burns
    And burns

    John F. Kennedy

    I was 16 when John F. Kennedy died………..his death broke my heart…….joh

  2. Arizona Gregg

    This was the song that literally reignited my interest in the JFK case. All 17+ minutes of it.

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