New Orleans mobster said Jack Ruby was a ‘goombah’

From The Advocatee — Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a fun obituary of an unrepentant crook with a delicious name, Frenchy Brouillete.

Marcello’s name cropped up in various JFK assassination theories, and a House Select Committee report in 1979 mentioned “credible associations relating both Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby to figures having a relationship, albeit tenuous, with Marcello’s crime family or organization.” In the Randazzo book published last year, Brouillette describes Ruby — who killed presumed Kennedy assassin Oswald — as “another Marcello family goombah.

What’s a goombah?

An accomplice in organized crime.

The Warren Commission investigation said nothing about Ruby’s organized crime connections, an indication of how superficial and misleading it was.

One of Ruby’s best friends said “he had no choice” but to shoot Oswald.

Source: Kent ‘Frenchy’ Brouillette, New Orleans mob figure, found stabbed to death in St. Roch home | The Advocate — Baton Rouge, Louisiana

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      we expect to get, if we are civil, respectful, understanding, hypocritical, obnoxious, selfish, etc?

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  1. Has no one else but me myself and I noticed from the photographs above, how WEIRD Frenchy’s neck is? I mean he has an abnormal neck for sure!
    I bet if you shot him in that neck the bullet would do magical things; inexplicable things, things a bullet has never before been capable of.

    Whattaya think?

  2. ” Fom 1953 -2015 Frenchy was more or less continually on a bender “. Well, he certainly fits the bill for a reliable witness according to conspiracy standards.
    Any evidence that this pimp even knew who Jack Ruby was before Nov. 24, 1963? So this apparent Cajun knew that Ruby was an Italian associate of Marcello’s-because that is what “Goombah” means. I highly doubt that anybody would refer to a Jew as a “goombah”-unless their reference for the term came from Joseph Wiseman in the movie “The Valachi Papers”. As per CT protocol somebody didn’t get their facts straight before they made up the story-of course if you are on a bender from 1953-2015 you are liable to say or remember anything.
    I love this. CTers are already using this story to bolster evidence for a conspiracy, without even asking the first question- why believe anything that a chronic alcoholic drug abuser convicted felon says without any corroboration that he is telling the truth? Because he says what they want to believe.

    1. Well there you have it. Photon the mafia expert knows nobody would loosely refer to a Jew with an Italian term of affection. I guess he paid for his time in medical school by working as a mobster on the side.

      BTW, photon are you saying that the term goombah was invented in the movie and nobody used that term before?

      I’m not a mobster but I grew up in an Italian family and we would “adopt” non-Italian friends, treat them as family. Not in any formal sense, but consider them as “Italian.”

      It’s really a minor point, but it’s another example of photon spouting off about something he knows nothing about and making spurious claims.

  3. The evidence available to the committee indicated that Ruby was not a “member of organized crime in Dallas or elsewhere although
    it showed that he had a significant number of associations and direct
    and indirect contacts with underworld figures
    a number of whom were
    connected to the most powerful La Cosa Nostra leaders. Additionally
    Ruby had numerous associations with the Dallas criminal element

    – HSCA Final Report, page 149 (my emphasis in bold)

  4. looking forward to reading Frenchy’s book as soon as mu public library can snag me a copy via Interlibrary Loan. its price of $89 is a bit beyond my budget, but I’m sure Frenchy makes some cogent observations about Mafia activities in New Orleans and Texas…

  5. There was a small article somewhere in the past few months where a friend of Ruby’s in Dallas off-handedly remarked that he left Chicago in hopes of being a mob hit man in Dallas. I can’t seem to find it but the source had no conspiracy angle – was just business associate and friend of Ruby’s and discussed many other things about this personality and behaviors.

  6. One under explored area is Ruby’s Russian Heritage and John M. Grizzaffi a Dallas underworld triggerman and Mafia
    Mr. LIEBELER – Do you know whether or not Mr. Skotnicki(former Husband of white Russian Ford) has a friend by the name of John M. Grizzaffi? That is spelled G-r-i-z-z-a-f-f-i.
    Mrs. FORD – I think that he is friends, yes. It is a neighbor across the street. He was friendly with that man
    Mr. LIEBELER – Do you know whether Mr. Grizzaffi is a friend of Jack Ruby’s?
    Mrs. FORD – That I don’t know. I was told by my son that Mr. Grizzaffi knew Ruby
    One more link to Russian community who’s parents are much like Ruby’s Russian Jewish immigrants is Louis Jolyon “Jolly” West who performed Jack Ruby’s psychiatric evaluation Dr. West was Army Intelligence Doctor who specialized in MKULTRA.

    1. “Louis Jolyon “Jolly” West who performed Jack Ruby’s psychiatric evaluation Dr. West was Army Intelligence Doctor who specialized in MKULTRA.”~gerry campeau

      Before some glitch posted my beginning here…

      I meant to mention that Jolly West was also involved in “evaluations” of Sirhan Sirhan as well. And I think he had been involved with Manson and his “Family” as well when Bugliosi was making up his wanky “Helter Skelter” theory about the Tate /La Bianca murders

      I see a pattern of both Bugliosi and Jolly West involvement with the Deep State in many matters concerning murders and assassinations.

    2. Pipe Dreams on the Road to Serfdom

      CIA Cults and the Global Brainwashing Experiment: The Untold Story of the Jonestown Massacre
      John Judge

      “The ultimate victims of mind control at Jonestown are the American people. If we fail to look beyond the constructed images given us by the television and the press, then our consciousness is manipulated, just as well as the Jonestown victims’ was. Facing nuclear annihilation, may see the current militarism of the Reagan policies, and military training itself, as the real “mass suicide cult.” If the discrepancy between the truth of Jonestown and the official version can be so great, what other lies have we been told about major events?”

      This came up when looking deeper into Louis Dr. Jolyon “Jolly” West

      1. John Judge was a crackpot of the first order, who never met a conspiracy he didn’t like , or didn’t believe in. This article giving a pass to Jim Jones is simply obscene.It is almost as bad as Jim DiEugenio claiming that Charles Manson had nothing to do with the Tate-LaBianca murders and that he was framed by Vince Bugliosi .

        1. That John Judge never met a conspiracy he didn’t like simply isn’t true. Judge was my primary mentor and we debunked dozens of silly conspiracy theories – and Judge’s work on Jonestown is too Deep for Photon to understand, as he doesn’t give a pass to Jim Jones and never liked Mark Lane after the Jonestown event. And I’m so glad Photon gives up his role by describing safe houses, field offices and covers for field offices – like Zenith Tech was for JMWAVE, as it exposes your knowledge of such things we are just learning about. Photon is a hypocrite of the highest order, whose alias also betrays him.

      2. It should be pointed out that the article on the Jonestown massacre in NO WAY gives Jim Jones a pass, it simply shows the interlocking of the international fascist intelligence community with such cults.

        It should be noted as well that the house that Sharon Tate was staying over in the night she was murdered was in fact a CIA “Safe House”, complete with hidden surveillance cameras and mics and recorders.
        Such ‘safe houses” are often used for purposes of luring prominent individuals into sexual encounters that are recorded for blackmail leveraging purposes.
        As such, the murders could very well been recorded and filmed.

        1. Actually by claiming that many of the victims were shot it exactly gives Jones a pass-and attempts to excuse Mark Lane’s comments to Jones about the CIA being after him-comments which fed his paranoia and contributed to the formulation of his plan for mass suicide.
          But I amazed about how much you know about safe houses.At least you haven’t discovered that the auto plant doesn’t just build Siennas, but is a cover for the field office that covers the Midwest. Of course, for security purposes every phone conversation in Gibson County must be monitored.

        2. This may not pass moderation, but here goes:
          Willy, when you hit it right, you hit it out of the park. “Such ‘safe houses’ are often used for purposes of luring prominent individuals into sexual encounters that are recorded for BLACKMAIL LEVERAGING purposes.
          “As such, the murders could very well have been recorded and filmed.”

          I have no doubt that the American Fascist Cult, Inc. has amassed quite a ghastly grimoire of gruesome artifacts. Snuff films and photos of the famous. Souvenir body parts. And here’s the worst: “disappeared” evidence of the Kennedy assassinations; e.g., the bullet that rolled out of JFK’s clothing at Bethesda. Seen by many, touched by many. Admiral David Osborne, for one, saw it and held it in his hands. (Lifton’s Best Evidence, pp.590, 645-6) A receipt for the “missle” [sic] was written out, but the missile was never seen again by the Eloi. The Morlocks have it in their lair. (Sorry, HG Wells.)

          My theory: this was the slug that came from the South Grassy Knoll, a .223 that went in JFK’s left temple and out, barely, his right occiput, and slipped behind his shirt collar to get tangled in his clothes when he was stripped at Parkland.

          J Edgar Hoover had several cabinets of beyond the prurient, which of course disappeared when he died. His was probably tame stuff compared to the collection that AFC, Inc. has accumulated by now. My theory: at their Nazi rituals, when they’re sodomizing the initiates in JFK’s shipping casket, they imprecate the unholy icons (the bullets and whatnot that turned the brains of JFK, RFK, MLK and who knows who else, into dead jelly) to give them further inhuman powers.

          By the way, even if Charlie Manson didn’t have much to do with the Tate-LaBianca murders, he still deserves to be locked up for life, if only for having as his Bible the satanic “How to Win (Extort) Friends and Influence (Manipulate) People.” A real all-Amerikan self-help book.

          1. Oops, forgot to mention that Jack Ruby was obviously blackmail-leveraged. Literally and figuratively, they had him over more barrels than a distillery.

          2. Willy,
            Thanks a ton for that link. I’ve only had time to scan it. I’ll pore over it soon. Did I see it right that where the Beatles met Elvis was THAT house? No way. I always thought that meeting was spooky. Man, if they had cameras ready to catch the Fabs in a baited situation, the Memphis Mafia will sink in my estimation, and I didn’t think that possible. More later.

  7. I’ve always found the Carlos Marcello angle intriguing due to his links to Oswald’s family in New Orleans as well as his associations with characters like Jack Ruby, David Ferrie, and Guy Bannister. The New Orleans-Dallas organized crime link to the Kennedy assassination seems plausible.

  8. Actually, the WC said there was no connection they were able to find, words to that effect anyway.

    Which is complete rubbish.

    You could not be in the business Ruby was in without having Mob connections of some kind. Even a lot of upscale nightclubs, perhaps most, in those days were Mob-connected. A downscale place like Ruby’s would definitely have been tied into some Mob syndicate, and the person who ran it was most likely a mobster of some kind himself. And ever reporter who’d done any early-career work on the police station beat (i.e., most every US reporter covering the assassination that weekend) would have been aware of that.

  9. Hoover’s FBI withheld evidence of Ruby’s lifelong mob ties from the WC and the American citizenry.

    Quoting the esteemed Peter Dale Scott from Deep Politics and the Death of JFK: “The Commission did not receive an important interview with Luis Kutner, a Chicago lawyer who had just told the press (correctly) about Ruby’s connections to Chicago mobsters Lennie Patrick and Dave Yaras. All the FBI transmitted was a meaningless follow-up interview in which Kutner merely said he had no additional information. Apparently the FBI also failed to transmit a teletype revealing that Yaras, a national hit man for the Chicago syndicate who had grown up with Ruby, and who had been telephoned by one of Ruby’s Teamster contacts on the eve of the assassination, was about to attend a ‘hoodlum meeting’ of top East and West Coast syndicate representatives, including some from the ‘family’ of the former Havana crime lord Santos Trafficante.”

    FBI = Failed Badly Indeed

    1. The FBI had covered up Ruby’s Mob/CIA-linked gun running/money and narcotics smuggling activities throughout the 50’s and into the 60’s and were certainly not going to come clean during WC proceedings. Some WC commissioners were internally quite concerned about the seemingly strong possibility Ruby would be exposed as having such connections, however the Commission line would be to not venture this far into investigating Jack’s dark history.

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