Insider Monkey doesn’t know squat about JFK

The business site offers 6 Conspiracy Theories About JFK’s Assassination. Four of the whodunnits are factually wrong  (Jackie, bodyguard, umbrella man, driver). and can be ignored. Two are worth discussing (Mafia and CIA). The Insider Monkey knows nothing about either interpretation.

So skip the Muddled Monkey. If you want to understand the JFK story, go to, and click on ‘Starting Points’, then JFK Assassinaton

2 thoughts on “Insider Monkey doesn’t know squat about JFK”

  1. The funniest thing about this is most MSM outlets always talk about the so-called “theories” of the conspiracy community as if they’re wackos, where as the WC apologists are always right because they support theories from…the government(?) If people would learn to understand that the “government” is run by people too, then that pretty much levels the playing field.

    You can have evidence for both sides, as well as experts, credible witnesses, and so on. And throughout history, how many times have people who worked for the government been wrong about things?

    I recently watched again the film JFK: A President Betrayed and it made me realize how much JFK was loathed within the very government he was voted in to run. When a president selects someone to represent the government in another country and that president asks this person to discuss policy there, and that person completely ignores those orders – scratching them out on a document – then you have a leader who will continually be undermined.

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