4 thoughts on “New JFK files illuminate CIA penetration of Miami Herald”

  1. Steven P Schwendeman

    Hello Jeff,

    Great Post!

    Sorry to switch topics!

    In hearings today (5-9-18) there is an opportunity to ask Gina Haspel what she would do as new head of cia with withheld JFK records, if cia is complying with the JFK law and if she thinks cia operatives were involved in the jfk murder. Have you contacted any Senators to ask them to pose such a line of questioning?

    Best wishes!


  2. Arnaldo M. Fernandez

    The so-called new files were declassified in 1998-99. Joan Mellen, for instance, referred them in her Garrison’s biography A Farewell to Justice (2005). McClatchy follows the sensationalist trend of offering cold meat as served hot straight from the oven. Certainly, Bohning was another CIA informant in The Miami Herald, but he took advantage of that for publishing a critical portrait of the agency in The Castro Obsession (2005).

  3. The McClatchy Report is more coverup. It states that Lee Oswald was the lone assassin contrary to medical evidence that proves that JFK was killed by two shots from the front. References: Doug Horne, Charles Crenshaw, David Mantik.

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