JFK files reveal US biological warfare plans against Cuba 

There lots of good stories in the JFK files, that have nothing do with JFK’s assassination. Jimmy Falls at WhoWhatWhy has one:

A JFK document release last year revealed an intelligence memorandum from 1962 discussing the possibility of using biological agents to induce crop failure “which would appear to be of natural origin.” A US Army memo from 1963, recently released by the National Archives, lists a number of “Ideas to Exploit Cuban Vulnerabilities,” including the initiation of “biological warfare against vegetable and animal tissue (except human).”

Source: JFK Files Reveal US Biological Warfare Plans Against Cuba – WhoWhatWhy


  1. Bill Banks says:

    Source goes back to Havana. Marxism-Leninism has traditionally had no problem with “useful” supplanting “truthful.” Yes, even more than here. A claim of actual germ warfare follows. Note above specifically excludes targetting people.


  2. Brian Lynch says:

    This again is interesting, but totally irrelevant to the fact that JFK was assasinated 55 years ago, and we don’t know the full story, and probably never will, the way that the “shadow government”, aka the CIA and FBI,continue their collusion in keeping us poor, tax=paying, average Americans in the dark. Too bad Kennedy didn’t order this to happen.

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