Murder on the Towpath: Soledad O’Brien’s Podcast on Mary Meyer

Mary Pinchot Meyer
Mary Pinchot Meyer, painter.

I’ll be tuning into this re-examination of the Mary Meyer case, not for the conspiracy theories (which I don’t find convincing) but for the details of the case that emerged at the trial of her alleged (and acquitted) assailant.

The best book about Meyer is Nina Burleigh’s “A Very Private Woman,” a journalistic biography. The most intimate glimpse of her is Peter Janney’s memoir “Mary’s Mosaic.” I’m not sure what more there is to be learned about the case. O’Brien promises a slightly different take.

In “Murder on the Towpath,” O’Brien delves deeper into the unsolved mystery of Meyer’s death by shifting focus away from all the conspiracy theories and to the women at the heart of this story. Meyer is one, of course, and the other is Dovey Johnson Roundtree, the trailblazing civil rights attorney who successfully defended Meyer’s accused killer and got him acquitted.

Source: The Unsolved Murder of JFK’s Mistress Mary Pinchot Meyer – Soledad O’Brien Podcast Murder on the Towpath

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