Mapping JFK’s motorcade

Motorcade 63 is a nifty piece of JFK research from programmer Mark Tyler.

Tyler has reconstructed the passage of the President Kennedy’s motorcade through Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963 by combining photographic and eyewitness evidence. He explains his transparent methodology and his conclusions here.

In a note to researchers Tyler says this:

Over the next few months I hope to add more key witnesses and fine tune the work so it is consistent with the factual record (i.e. photos, films, and corroborated witness statements).  People are welcome to offer advice regarding how to improve the work.

Working on this project has helped me understand the events from 1963 in much greater detail, and I hope others find the animation useful for their studies too. 

You can send him a message via Twitter

6 thoughts on “Mapping JFK’s motorcade”

  1. This “reconstruction” includes a lot of “garbage in” assumptions that Myers & the Warren Commission lobby include in their defense of their theory of the crime. This should not be taken as an entirely accurate representation of what actually happened.

  2. Nonetheless, the animation, while illustrative and a smart documentary, falls short. It should include the entire plaza, including Commercial Street.

  3. This animated diagram is good and useful, but like the FBI effort to survey and model the site, this project neglects to include the south third of the crime scene. The fact is, Commercial Street was up and running precisely when JFK’s person came in close contact to a stream of traffic idling there. Look at the Zapruder film -it’s all there: The box panel truck and adjacent pick-up trucks are situated at the exact angle of a frontal shot to the President’s right temple (with our Umbrella man and DCMan giving alignment cues!.. No, folks, if you believe the late Dr. Robert McClellans’s observations as a key indicator of how Kennedy was hit -the massive exit wound he saw first hand at the rear of his skull, and if you believe in the late Shelly Fiester’s assessment as to the definition of “front” in this case (JFK’s head is 23 degrees to the centerline of the limo, and Commercial Street is an added 23+ degrees to Elm(!)…, then one must conclude that the death shot emanated from the South Knoll/Commercial Street. This implicates the vehicles on Commercial Street as the potential origin -and of these, only the box truck could adequately conceal a sniper. Jim DiEugenio suspects the use of a silencer in the shooting, during and immediately preceding which, firecrackers -perhaps a cherry bomb- was ignited at the picket fence as a subterfuge. It all makes increasing sense. If you believe Kennedy’s murder was the result of a sophisticated plot, you must take into consideration the Commercial Street-Box Truck tactical theory (yes, a conspiracy theory that fit operative methods of the day). I’ll add that Mayor Earl Cabell was a likely suspect in keeping Commercial Street viable. Indeed anyone on the roof of the Postal Annex Building could have easily signaled the box truck as itjust west of the triple underpass as it approached its (well timed) rendezvous with destiny. Lastly, it bears repeating that the FBI limited the site survey, AND fudged the re-enactment whereby Kennedy is never portrayed as having leaned far forward and to the left in his seat. What were they trying to obscure?!?…The oversight is extremely obvious and compelling. See:

  4. I looked so many times Zapruder frame by frame and to my opinion governor Connally was hit before JFK by the same shot that mean the bullet came from the front . Even after watching Myller · D , I feel the same .

  5. Regarding Tyler’s impressive reconstruction:

    (1) Has anyone tested if shells falling on the sixth floor can in fact be heard by witnesses on the floor immediately below?

    (2) Could Oswald have made the shots using his rifle considering that it was likely misaligned because it had been carried into the building disassembled and reassembled only on the morning of the assassination without ever being zeroed in?

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