‘About time’: Gaeton Fonzi on the legacy of assassination in U.S.-Cuba relations

Now that our Government has decided to make peace with our former enemy, I envision JFK saying, “About time.” And I hear Gaet commenting on the publication of his article with the same words.”

— From Marie Fonzi’s introduction to the previously unpublished article by her late late husband Gaeton Fonzi, “And Why, By the Way, is Fidel Castro Still Alive?

Exclusive from the Mary Ferrell Foundation:

Introduction by Marie Fonzi.

Listen and read: audio and transcripts of Fonzi’s interview with Fabian Escalante.

6 thoughts on “‘About time’: Gaeton Fonzi on the legacy of assassination in U.S.-Cuba relations”

  1. Did Pawley commit suicide before De Morenschild?
    Too bad we don’t have Bill O’Liely on his doorstep listening to the shot then disappearing. I’ve never read anything about Pawley’s suicide. But with Rosselli Cut up, stuffed in a 55 gallon drum then set out to sea, and, Sam Mo Mo Giancana shot first in the back of the head them 5 times around the mouth it seems someone was sending a message not to talk. To those who didn’t die otherwise at the time, there were other questionable deaths.
    Between all this potential missing testimony and Joannides the HSCA was screwed. Without knowing it. They were slipped a mickey as the British would say. And we, the public, had the wool pulled over our eyes.
    Not really surprising the article was never published in light of the ongoing Operation Mockingird. The 1% own the press.

  2. It’s amazing to me that all this mayhem attempted against Castro was never brought to the attention of WC. It was obviously extremely relevant to the investigation, and demonstrates once again you can’t trust the WR’s conclusions, or the CIA’s ability to be forthcoming with the truth.

  3. So, Bissell was the sacrificial Lamb for the Bay of Pigs in the big picture? Dulles wasn’t expected to fall but Kennedy took a wider swath in his housecleaning than anticipated?

  4. Wow, an AR-15 “Property of the US Government”. Minox spy camera(s), like Oswald had? Standard issue for CIA agents at the time?
    I’ve read of Pawley and his connections before. But never in the context presented here. Nor do I remember reading of or making the connection about Pawley’s suicide only a week after being put on a list to be questioned by the HSCA. In light of other death’s at this time of people to be questioned (e.g. Roselli, Giancana), very suspicious.
    I never knew Eisenhower actually issued a secret executive order to recruit, arm, and train Cuban exiles.
    To further illustrate my ignorance, I never realized Bissell was a “brainy former Yale economics professor”. Sounds like the perfect guy to put in charge of the Bay of Pig’s operation. If you want it to fail.
    The Phillips information takes the cake. The Veciana connection to him here is further corroboration to me of the Oswald Phillips meeting in Dallas. Veciana knew Phillips, as a representative of the U S Government clandestine services, as, Maurice Bishop.
    Multiple people lied about this, to investigators, some under oath if memory serves.
    FREETHEPHILLIPSFILE at least. Just one?

  5. This article is stunning to me. Thank you for posting it.
    It bear’s rereading and consideration before posting about it, it’s that deep.

    1. The revelations of these interviews are breathtaking to say the least.

      The CIA had overstepped its briefs, continued a myriad of lies to those it purportedly represented, and actively jeapardised any hope of normalized relations between the US and Cuba for the foreseeable future (at the time).

      Those were heady times when US big money interests determined the puppet regimes of other nation states, and when those states flexed their self determining muscles the ultra dedicated CIA on the take would engineer a coup to set things right.

      How did the CIA become an organisation that considered part of its responsibility as determining US foreign policy?

      The fostering, training, arming and funding of anti Castro militant groups by the CIA could almost have triggered world nuclear war.

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