‘Last Second in Dallas’: Debate and Agreement

The publication of Tink Thompson’s “Last Second in Dallas,” and a favorable review from San Francisco Chronicle movie critic Mick LaSalle, has triggered a debate about the forensic evidence in the case.

Dr. Randy Robertson has published a critique of Thompson’s work on the Kennedys and Kings web site. On the the Assassination Archives and Research Center, Drs. Gary Aguilar, Dr. Doug DeSalles, and attorney Bill Simpich say Robertson’s critique is based on five factual mistakes.

JFK Jackie at Love Field

I haven’t finished Last Second in Dallas, yet so I’m not going to offer an opinion about who’s right. If you are interested in the forensic evidence of JFK’s death, these are the people to whom you should pay attention.

Their differences should not be overstated. Robertson and Thompson (and Aguilar, DeSalles, and Simpich) agree Kennedy was hit by gunfire from two different directions.

Robertson writes:

In many ways, this is an exceptional book. Thompson, through this work, with the assistance of Barger and Mullen, has provided a scientific basis for the authenticity of the DPD DictaBelt tape. He has brought to light one of the windshield flares only one second after the head wounds indicating an additional shot and indisputable evidence of conspiracy. We are treated to a historical life’s journey through the Kennedy assassination from its beginning continuing forward through today that readers will find both illuminating and entertaining. The scientific battle over the authenticity of the acoustic evidence and his efforts in its validation will surely be one of the hallmark moments in the history of the case and an epic victory for those who believe in true versus pseudoscience. Despite its flaws concerning the number and timing of the shots, Last Second in Dallas presents new incontrovertible evidence which demands a conclusion of conspiracy. It is highly recommended reading and should be regarded as a significant book in the history of the JFK assassination.

Dr. Robertson: “A Review of ‘Last Second in Dallas’ by Josiah Thompson.

DOWNLOAD as PDF: Robertson’s errors, Aguilar, DeSalles and Simpich

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