Was JFK’s lover Mary Meyer killed by the CIA?

One popular conspiracy theory holds that JFK’s lover Mary Meyer was murdered in October 1964 because she “knew too much.”

I don’t believe it, for reasons Nina Burleigh, Meyer’s biographer, explains very well in this piece for People magazine.

While the murder remains unsolved, Peter Janney, the son of one of the top CIA agents at the time, has written his own book, Mary’s Mosaic, claiming that his father was in on a CIA plot to murder Pinchot Meyer.

It’s a theory Burleigh rejects after coming to believe that Pinchot Meyer was most probably murdered by Ray Crump Jr., the man charged and later acquitted of her murder.

“The evidence against him was strong but circumstantial (no gun was ever found), but my investigation led me to believe Crump was entirely capable of violent behavior,” Burleigh wrote in a 2012 piece for the Daily Beast. “His long post-acquittal record included stints in federal prison for repeat arsons and the rape of a 13-year-old.”

I’ve read Janney’s book and I’ve questioned him in detail about his theory and reviewed his evidence. I don’t find it plausible as the theory and evidence that that Ray Crump killed Meyer.

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