JFK’s Assassination Explained For British History Channel

When History Hit, a British history channel, asked me for an interview about the 58th anniversary of JFK’s assassination, I hastened to agree, especially when they said they’d throw in a hundred dollars for my trouble. “A hundred quid is always welcome,” I said to my new-found Cousins. Stateside news outlets are rarely so fair to free-lance talent.

The paywalled 27 minute interview with mellifluous host Dan Snow  offers the most up-to-date formulation of my views on the state of the JFK record, and I thank Snow for airing it. Stateside news outlets are usually more timid and politicized in their JFK coverage.

History Hit did make a questionable but revealing decision in editing one portion the show. I will explain in a subsequent post. In any case, the interview is well worth a listen.  Snow’s sinuous introduction (while marred by a dubious reference to Thorburn’s Position), effectively sets the scene of Dallas, November 22, 1963.

Source: 🎧The Assassination of JFK: Explained – 🎧 Dan Snow’s History Hit

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