JFK Files Withheld in Full

Here’s a list from the National Archives of JFK assassination files that are still withheld in their entirety.

Jackie Kennedy
Jackie Kennedy’s private thoughts. (Credit: Andy Warhol)

The most important withheld material here are the interviews that historian William Manchester did with Jacqueline Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy in 1964 and 1965.

This material is exempted from the disclosure requirement of the JFK Records Act. According to Manchester’s deed of gift, these will not be made public until 2039, 75 years after the interviews took place.

The interviews are important because neither Jackie Kennedy nor RFK believed the official theory that JFK was killed by one man alone and unaided. They said privately that they believed JFK was killed by his domestic enemies. That’s likely what they say on these tapes and that’s why they are {so sensitive.

[This link appeared in the Archives first press release but has since been removed from the Archives web site. Hopefully, it will be restored because people want to know what they’re not getting.]

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