JFK Files Watch: With 22 days to go, these key files remain secret

As President Trump’s April 26, 2018 deadline for full disclosure looms, key JFK files remain beyond public view.

These files concern a subject the mainstream media coverage has shied from: the pre-assassination surveillance of accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald from 1959 to 1963.

The files of four CIA officers who participated in the surveillance of Oswald have been released–but only in partial and redacted form.

David Phillips, Birch O’Neal, George Joannides, and Ann Goodpasture, all deceased, were undercover operations officers who received reports on Oswald in the years, months, and weeks preceding JFK’s murder. After JFK was killed, they all obfuscated and concealed their knowledge of the man who was accused of killing Kennedy and denied it.

Phillips and Joannides broke the law by obstructing a Congressional investigation in the 1970s, according to Robert Blakey, general counsel of the House Select Committee on Assassinations, and Dan Hardway, an investigator.

The partially released files of these four officers (viewable here, here, here and here) are still larded with white patches of deletions.

These redactions are a road map to the continuing JFK coverup. They obscure what the CIA wants to hide the most: the actions of certain counterintelligence and Cuban operations officers in late 1963.

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