‘Denied in Full’: JFK investigator identifies a key missing CIA file that remains secret

Dan Hardway

Dan Hardway, JFK whistleblower

Here’s a 40-year old JFK file that should, by law, be released by April 28, 2018.

On September 20, 1978 the CIA evaluated the work of George Joannides, then serving as the CIA’s liaison to the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA).

As HSCA investigator Dan Hardway (left)  explains in this sworn affidavit,  Joannides was stonewalling Congress’s JFK investigation at the time.

The release of this document would illuminate what the CIA thought of Joannides’ actions, which former HSCA counsel G. Robert Blakey has described as “obstruction of Congress.”

Hardway, now an attorney in West VIriginia filed his declaration in in 2016 in support of my FOIA lawsuit, Morley v. CIA,

Below is the CIA’ formal notification that Joannides’ “Fitness Report” from September 1978 will not be made public (“denied in full”)–for reasons of “national security.”

Joannides fitness report


In federal court

The JFK files story is a live issue in 2018.

On March 19, a federal appellate court in Washington DC will oral arguments in my lawsuit on the question: is there any “public benefit” to the disclosure of Joannides’ role in the events of 1963 and his stonewalling of Congress in 1978?

My attorney JIm Lesar will present evidence of the public benefit of what my lawsuit revealed. The Trump Justice Department will oppose us ain defense of continuing secrecy.



  1. Laurie Warkola says:

    I still remember that day.Still remains in government hands.It in reality let mistakes rest.

  2. DJF says:

    Good luck sir and thank you for all your time & efforts. The truth is a public benefit.

  3. george mooney says:

    I am wondering who benefits from keeping this all hush hush after all these years? I also thought Donald said hewanted the files opened. Who changed his mind? why?

  4. William D. Platt says:

    The day JFK died, the Republic died with him.
    As a Vietnam combat veteran, I think often of the young lives that might have been saved had he withdrawn from that quagmire.

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