JFK Facts Podcast: special guest, Dr. John Newman

Our 8th program featuring analysis and discussion of topics relevant to the study of President Kennedy’s assassination. This week Alan Dale speaks with Dr. John Newman:

  • Updating JFK and Vietnam
  • General William Odom, Dr. Richard Thornton, Robert S. McNamara
  • Oliver Stone and Eric Hamburg
  • The “bridge” between JFK and Vietnam and Oswald and the CIA
  • 2008 Update
  • Volume l: Where Angels Tread Lightly: Hypothesis
  • June Cobb, the FBN and CIA
  • Volume ll: Countdown to Darkness
  • 2017JFK.org

Visit Dr. Newman’s Amazon page HERE.

To download the podcast as an MP3: Click HERE; Place cursor on file; RIGHT click and select “Save Audio As.”

Got a question or a comment? Contact us at editor@jfkfacts.org and we’ll talk about it on the show.


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