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Cassandra Jones – July 26

I have read THE LAST INVESTIGATION and listened to several interviews with Fonzi and his widow. As an historian I admire his documentation. Even Blakey admitted in 2003 that the CIA had manipulated that investigation. The journalists you mention on your website are all defenders of the completely discredited Warren Report and its phony single-bullet “theory.” I did not believe the Warren Commission in 1964 and I do not believe it now. (BREACH OF TRUST by McKnight). I believe that Operation Mockingbird is still in effect and that the remnants of the Allen Dulles gang are still influential today. (THE DEVIL’S CHESSBOARED by Talbot)

I believe the evidence given in JFK AND THE UNSPEAKEABLE by Douglass and DESTINY BETRAYED by DiEugenio. I believe Garrison when he claimed that he knew that during his investigation that he was “dancing with the CIA.” I believe that the agency, including Richard Helms, worked actively to scuttle his case; that, my friend, was obstruction of justice and should have earned him jail time. “The Constitution is just a scrap of paper to me,” said Helms; that statement was treason!

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  1. I believe the ssying “The Constitution is just a scrap of paper to me” was first said by Assistant Secretary of War John McCloy to Attorney General Francis Biddle about the internment of the Japanese. Not a precedent to admire.

    If Richard Helms repeated the saying, he was following a dreadful precedent. And he should have known that by that point.

  2. Is one supposed to interpet this as nefarious Tom? So, the CIA should tell Garrison that Shaw was a CIA asset as thousands of other Americans were as well?

  3. …. I believe Garrison when he claimed that he knew that during his investigation that he was “dancing with the CIA.”

    Man of a Million Fragments: The True Story of Clay
    by Donald H. Carpenter
    Kindle ed., Page 364 –

  4. Interesting Jesse. Do you think that it’s possible the missing billions were spent on Unacknowledged Special Access Projects, (USAP’s) deep need-to-know only projects that not even the Prez was briefed on ? And that Kennedy’s call for an investigation threatened the secrecy of those projects ? And that those projects may have been what Ike was referring to when he gave his warning about a “military-industrial-complex”?

    1. Jesse Hemingway

      My research stared right after George H Bush new world order (NWO) speech on 9/11/1991. Link:,d.eWE

      In my research i found out that James Burnham coined the “NWO”term in the late 1940’s James Burnham ran with William F.Buckley and William Casey. Their tentacles reached back to the Thomas Dewey and Earl Warren on the 1948 Republican ticket. The same interests backing Thomas Dewey; convinced Dwight Eisenhower to run as a Republican in the 1952 presidential election. The same interests backing Thomas Dewey;Chose his Cabinet for President Dwight Eisenhower. Enter stage right John Foster Dulles, Allan Dulles, and Richard M.Nixon to just name a few, they were left without any, zero, none OVERSIGHT and our safeguard across the political isle was Lyndon Baines Johnson.

      1. Jesse Hemingway

        Let it be clear i have access to the stockpile material Audit dated 12/31/1961 that was used during 1962-1963 senate investigation ordered by president John F. Kennedy.

        In June 27, 1973 Richard M. Nixon enacted executive order 11725 allowing Sec of Treasury George Schultz to begin dispose of stockpile material.George Schultz was also in the Eisenhower administration

        In 1974 President G. Ford gets a report from the Comptroller General report titled: ‘Stockpile Objective Of Strategic And Critical Materials Should Be Reconsidered Because of Shortages” In that report, it states this is the first ever audit of the material.
        With a very minor note that an obscure senate investigation occurred in the early 1960’s. The investigation was Ordered by JFK!!!

        1. Please define obscure….

          Spokane Daily Chronicle – Mar 2, 1962
          …of this stockpile,excess nickel totals $108 million….

          Jack Brooks investigated in the House, the stockpile spending in 1958,

          Some of what was reported in 1958…..
          Ocala Star-Banner – Apr 28, 1958

          Tom Scully – 07-18-2015, 01:52 PM
          Time – Volume 71, Issues 14-26 – Page i

          “Plugged Nickel” ……Last year Freeport offered to cut the price to $1.24 if the Government would sign an irrevocable contract to buy at least two-thirds of its Nicaro ore needs from Freeport through 1978. General Services Administrator Franklin Floete turned down the offer, called on Lawyer Ira D. Beynon, 62, to clean up the Nicaro dispute. Beynon attacked the chore with vigor. Testified Freeport Sulphur’s President
          Langbourne Williams (Jr.): “Mr. Beynon began to call us names, to threaten us with congressional investigations. He said, ‘You reduce [the ore price] or I’ll shut this plant down. We don’t need your ore. We’ve got all the ore we need.’ ” Then Freeport’s Williams did something that widely irritated official Washington and raised many an eyebrow in business circles. He hired an ex-FBI investigator to question Beynon’s old friends and associates about his private life as far back as 1926. Beynon testified that the inquisitor asked his friends such questions as “I’d like to know how Mr. Beynon made his money.” Williams also checked police records on Beynon, but all he could dig up was a traffic violation. Explained Williams: “It’s normal business practice for me to find out all I can about the man I’m dealing with.” Yet he admitted that Freeport had never before hired a private eye to track a man. Tears & Profit. Last week Beynon wept openly as he told Congressmen how Freeport had pried into his personal life. Said he: “The contract under which we are buying ore from Freeport is unconscionable, and I am going to do everything I can do to remedy this situation. These kinds of deals destroy confidence.” In rebuttal, Freeport argued that it had opened up the ore supply, run the Nicaro plant for the U.S. in World War II, and developed many nickel-production techniques that the Government now uses. But it also profited. Freeport has collected $13.7 million in Nicaro royalties from the Government since 1952, now gets about $3,500,000 per year. More than that, the Government last year made it possible for Freeport to get financing for a huge $119 million nickel-and-cobalt operation, abuilding at Moa Bay, Cuba, near Nicaro. The U.S. did so by signing a contract, which the committee is also investigating,…….

          Williams family connections to the JFK assassination, “lore”.


          1. Jesse Hemingway

            Obscure was what the Comptroller General report stated titled: ‘Stockpile Objective Of Strategic And Critical Materials Should Be Reconsidered Because of Shortages”
            JFK surely did not think it was obscure investigation Senator Stuart Symington did not believe it was obscure. President Gerald Ford the Warren commission member he thought it was obscure.

            Bottom line $4.1 billion worth of material was never purchased. Yet $4.1 billion of materials was on the books Richard Nixon cleared that off books starting in April 1973 and cleaned the lose ends with Executive 11725.

  5. Jesse Hemingway

    On January 31, 1962 Presidential News Conference 22 JFK unleashed his offensive by starting the Stockpile investigation (FACT). The investigations evidence leads to the CIA via the State Department of the missing billions of dollars of critical materials.(Fact)

    So LHO is associated with the ISIS elements of the day (capped). The unobstructed BLUE RIBBON COMMISSION aka warren commission takes the money and runs. (FACT)

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