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Cassandra Jones – July 26

I have read THE LAST INVESTIGATION and listened to several interviews with Fonzi and his widow. As an historian I admire his documentation. Even Blakey admitted in 2003 that the CIA had manipulated that investigation. The journalists you mention on your website are all defenders of the completely discredited Warren Report and its phony single-bullet “theory.” I did not believe the Warren Commission in 1964 and I do not believe it now. (BREACH OF TRUST by McKnight). I believe that Operation Mockingbird is still in effect and that the remnants of the Allen Dulles gang are still influential today. (THE DEVIL’S CHESSBOARED by Talbot)

I believe the evidence given in JFK AND THE UNSPEAKEABLE by Douglass and DESTINY BETRAYED by DiEugenio. I believe Garrison when he claimed that he knew that during his investigation that he was “dancing with the CIA.” I believe that the agency, including Richard Helms, worked actively to scuttle his case; that, my friend, was obstruction of justice and should have earned him jail time. “The Constitution is just a scrap of paper to me,” said Helms; that statement was treason!


  1. lysias says:

    I believe the ssying “The Constitution is just a scrap of paper to me” was first said by Assistant Secretary of War John McCloy to Attorney General Francis Biddle about the internment of the Japanese. Not a precedent to admire.

    If Richard Helms repeated the saying, he was following a dreadful precedent. And he should have known that by that point.

  2. Paul May says:

    Is one supposed to interpet this as nefarious Tom? So, the CIA should tell Garrison that Shaw was a CIA asset as thousands of other Americans were as well?

  3. Tom S. says:

    …. I believe Garrison when he claimed that he knew that during his investigation that he was “dancing with the CIA.”

    Man of a Million Fragments: The True Story of Clay
    by Donald H. Carpenter
    Kindle ed., Page 364 –

  4. Brian Joseph says:

    Interesting Jesse. Do you think that it’s possible the missing billions were spent on Unacknowledged Special Access Projects, (USAP’s) deep need-to-know only projects that not even the Prez was briefed on ? And that Kennedy’s call for an investigation threatened the secrecy of those projects ? And that those projects may have been what Ike was referring to when he gave his warning about a “military-industrial-complex”?

  5. Jesse Hemingway says:

    On January 31, 1962 Presidential News Conference 22 JFK unleashed his offensive by starting the Stockpile investigation (FACT). The investigations evidence leads to the CIA via the State Department of the missing billions of dollars of critical materials.(Fact)

    So LHO is associated with the ISIS elements of the day (capped). The unobstructed BLUE RIBBON COMMISSION aka warren commission takes the money and runs. (FACT)

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