JFK Facts podcast: 28 pages on 9/11, another Dallas nightmare, and more…

Our 7th podcast. This week we discuss:

    • What declassified 9/11 pages and withheld JFK records share in common
    • The pernicious function of secrecy
    • A new Dallas nightmare
    • Full government disclosure and the question of meaning in the JFK story
    • Digging into the present by exposing the past
    • Professor Joan Mellen’s 13 September publication date for her new book on LBJ and Mac Wallace in the Robber Baron Culture of Texas, Faustian Bargains
    • The Kennedy Tapes, Inside the White House During the Cuban Missile Crisis
    • Averting ‘The Final Failure’ and The Week the World Stood Still by former John F. Kennedy Presidential Library Historian, Sheldon M. Stern
    • One Hell of a Gamble by Aleksandr Fursenko and Timothy Naftali

To download the podcast as an MP3: Click HERE; Place cursor on file; RIGHT click and select “Save Audio As.”

Got a question or a comment? Contact us at editor@jfkfacts.org and we’ll talk about it on the show.


Jefferson Morley’s new ebook, CIA and JFK: The Secret Assassination Files, available on Amazon, provides the fullest account yet of the JFK records that the CIA is still concealing in 2016 and why they should be made public in October 2017.


3 thoughts on “JFK Facts podcast: 28 pages on 9/11, another Dallas nightmare, and more…”

  1. Another Splendid Program!

    The quote of RFK saying to the Soviets that he and Jackie do not believe that JFK was killed by a communist, but that they both believe he was killed by a domestic conspiracy…which book was that in?


  2. Ramon F Herrera

    Alan Dale: “Got a question or a comment? Contact us […] and we’ll talk about it on the show.”

    Hi Jeff & Alan: I got a question or comment. Perhaps this could be investigated and talked about in the next Podcast?

    It is about this topic:

    “How the CIA Writes History”
    by Jefferson Morley

    “But while the [Cram and Applewhite] records technically remain in the hands of Georgetown and off-limits to FOIA, the CIA kept this harmless material beyond the reach of law and the eyes of reporters and historians.”


    Jeff: You may of course consult this with Jim Lesar (or another lawyer), but I believe the interpretation of the law above is incorrect.

    I happen to be struggling with a similar case. I am trying to have PBS to release the laser measurements of Dealey Plaza, in order to provide it to expert professionals who could recreate a much better version of the murder scene than the one by Dale Myers and the Haags. For starters, this 3D model would belong to The People. The measurements, vectors and angles would not be for sale, at any price. Total transparency is paramount.

    In your case, your tool is FOIA, in mine, I am trying to get a public petition started. See details here:


    BTW: Many thanks to Jim DiEugenio for his invaluable support.

    Back to the legal fundamentals:

    What matters is the owner of the Intellectual Property, not the accidental holder of the data. I really don’t care whether the data that I need is in the possession of PBS Nova or the Haags. PBS retained the loyal and obedient services of the Haag business and therefore PBS owns the results. Unless PBS was so stup…, err, naive and paid for a little dog and pony show, bell and whistles, without even taking a cursory look under the hood: Pay no attention to the hands behind the curtain. Pardon the mixed metaphors.

    [Aside: I wonder whether we PBS contributors could sue them for misuse of our hard earned dollars?]

    In your case, the Georgetown’s University’s Joseph Mark Lauinger Memorial Library is a simple storage deposit.


    Then again, I have been known to be wrong.


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