The JFK Facts podcast: the CIA & JFK, RFK autopsy photos, and Dan Hardway’s remarkable story

On our third podcast (now downloadable!) featuring analysis and discussion of topics relevant to the study of President Kennedy’s assassination including: the 48th anniversary of Robert Kennedy’s assassination, Jeff Morley’s new ebook, CIA & JFK,  and his next book on James Jesus Angleton (2017). We also delved into Dan Hardway’s remarkable declaration and his recent articles at and

We took a reader” question about DNA testing of Oswald-related materials and revisited the rich story of Oswald in Russia, We closed with recommendations for books that focus on President Kennedy’s life rather than the circumstances of his murder:
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Jefferson Morley’s new ebook, CIA and JFK: The Secret Assassination Files, available on Amazon, provides the fullest account yet of the JFK records that the CIA is still concealing in 2016 and why they should be made public in October 2017.


15 thoughts on “The JFK Facts podcast: the CIA & JFK, RFK autopsy photos, and Dan Hardway’s remarkable story”

  1. These podcasts are terrific. Thank you.

    I eagerly anticipate Mr. Morley’s book on Angleton, who remains one of the most bizarre and baffling figures in this entire case.

  2. I’m running behind here keeping up but the link stopped for me tonight at 16:16. Near what I think was the end of the Hardway discussion. That part in particular is most important and all should listen for themselves.

  3. Sorry Allan, Jeff, 3rd time and the podcast simply doesn’t work. (Not from a 4g iPhone anyway ). I hope you guys can fix this. One clue is that the timer-cursor on the podcast screen cannot be moved. Weird, it just sits there when it should be progressing across the screen.

    (Michael t has submitted comments in recent past as Michael Tyrrell)

  4. It was interesting to hear it mentioned in the podcast that Angleton kept copies of the RFK Autopsy Photos in files in his office.

    They were discovered after he died.

    It is interesting to contemplate why he would keep these for so many years.

    Very macabre!

    1. Raising Orchids, a love of poetry, martini’s, and fly fishing, he wasn’t your “average” American.

    2. “…perhaps Mr. Angleton was,considering his trade, attempting to “leave behind” a message of some sort, for those who “found” these photos?”-DM

  5. I came across a very interesting book on the subject of Angleton and Harvey. It is a novel titled “The Sisters” by Robert Littell, who is known for his spy novels that display considerable inside knowledge of the CIA. The complex plot involves Angleton-like and Harvey-like characters who plan and carry out the JFK assassination. Littell was Newsweek’s chief foreign correspondent, and authored another novel on the CIA titled “The Company”. His most recent book was “Young Philby” that contains a non-fiction chapter well worth a reader’s time.

  6. $#%@!

    I’m hopeful this problem will be resolved. I am able to play the file from this location with no disruption. I was also able to download. Please refresh and try again. I appreciate your persistence.

    1. Thank you Alan,

      I am having better luck this time.

      Thank you for bringing up Sherry Fiester. I have her book and have been studying her work for quite awhile now. It is quite revelatory and a most important work as far as ballistics, and crime scene investigation.


      1. Why don’t you ( or her) address my questions about the veracity of Fiester’s claims of documentation and expertise? These podcasts are great to spread disinformation to the uninformed, but their isn’t a snowball’s chance in Haleakala that you well ever bring up the contradictions to CT dogma that McAdams and Davidson have skillfully presented on this blog.

        1. “Why don’t you ( or her) address my questions about the veracity of Fiester’s claims of documentation and expertise?”~Photon

          Because there is simply no question as to her documentation or expertise.

          But there are certainly questions as to your documentation and expertise.

          1. If your comment is not approved and it includes more than four words and less than 501 words, is not only an unexplained link, consider if it amounts to merely, “I disagree with you,” or, “you’re wrong,” or, “I really don’t like you.”

  7. Trouble downloading podcast.
    When I follow the instructions I get a large live broadcast screen with pause play button and audio icon.
    Any right click I make does not produce “Save Audio As”

  8. Thanks to you both for another great podcast! One suggesttion it would be useful if someone could post links to the websites and books you mention each week in the comments below or original post.

    Also, the Drop Us a Line link does not seem to be working.

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