JFK Facts 2.0: a mission statement

In response to request for ideas about how to improve JFK Facts, Cousin Jack offers a mission statement.

“JFK Facts Explores the Most Profound Murder Mystery of the 20th Century (by distilling the known facts and eyewitness testimony into a rational narrative that positions this assassination within the historical milieu of that Cold War era’s foreign policy intrigue, points forward to those future ramifications which we still face today, and serves as a platform for promoting the political importance of full disclosure in 2017 for an American public whose faith in the federal government has now ebbed to an all-time low.)”

I like it.

1 thought on “JFK Facts 2.0: a mission statement”

  1. Thanks, Jefferson. I’m glad that at least someone liked it(lol). Full CIA disclosure on this matter in 2017 may help us better discern whether Lee Harvey Oswald was “just a patsy” as he claimed, both a shooter AND a patsy, or simply a lone sniper. Clarifying this distinction alone is well worth your larger Freedom Of Information effort on this important historical matter even if most, if not all, the principals involved have long since broken trail in the undiscovered frontier.


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