JFK Facts 2.0: the necessity of theory

In re: JFK 2.0 Eddy writes:

“For me JFK Facts is a go to site for part of the JFK story. It sometimes feels self limiting by its aversion to theorising.”

“Facts need to be found, and a powerful tool for fact-finding is a theory upon which to hang the facts. Jim Garrison started with a theory that Oswald had an involvement with Intelligence. We’re still pursuing that theory now, and no open minded person would say it wasn’t valuable work.”

4 thoughts on “JFK Facts 2.0: the necessity of theory”

  1. By the nature of the name of the site it is inclined to Fact’s.
    Theorizing to a limited extent is necessary though.
    Due to the smoke screen thrown up by the Government the last 53 years, the abstinence of the 1% owned Main Stream Media regarding the subject and the still illegally withheld CIA files on the Assassination a leap of faith to connect the dot’s, so to speak is necessary sometimes. Documentation is essential but when enough of it leads to an otherwise further logical conclusion it’s hard to not face reality.
    E.G. What is known about Joannides, the DRE, and Oswald in New Orleans in the summer of 63 is incriminating.

  2. Here’s a thought,
    Lers start some threads on individual’s, let a collective wiki type process pathway evolve, perhaps staring with this Lady…



    and this Fellow….

    Jack Peuterbauch and the Bloom Advertising Agency

    about the Bloom Agency (and recall that’s with whom Elizabeth Forsling Harris was working) is that Oswald had visited the Bloom Agency a number of times before his alleged

    Or how about this fellow, the Guy who Signed for the Bocy of JFK After the Autopsy…
    Army.Lt Colonel Alexander Haig.

    Perhaps an examination of his Watergate Dialogue…. in the Nixon ~Director’s Cut~ Movie he appears to be Threatening President Nixon about the Bay of Pig’s Thing….Now at the time the movie was made the Fact that the man who worked with my Uncle, in Secretary of the Army Califano’s office,….,; was Lt Cornel Hai what were his previous previous assignments Known mentor’s etc…etc… as he went from Lt Colonel to 4 Star General faster than anyone in History to White House Chief of Staff during Nixon’s darkest Days…. from 11-22-1963 to 4 Star General /Chief of Staff`; Any Collins Radio connection’s?

    Was he in Chaos or Control>

    Willy Bova

  3. Jesse Hemingway

    Mary Ferrell would be very proud of this site, she told me to publish my research. Mary pushed to get as much information about JFK’s murder to the public so excellent job Jeff.

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