JFK 2.0: introduction for novices

As for how to improve JFK Facts, a reader writes:

“My suggestion is create a page for novices to the assassination, with basic essays on the evidence. First time visitors would get a primer on the huge amount of evidence, and may be motivated to study further.”


Jefferson Morley’s ebook, CIA and JFK: The Secret Assassination Files, available on Amazon, provides the fullest account yet of the JFK records that the CIA is still concealing.


3 thoughts on “JFK 2.0: introduction for novices”

  1. Maybe a way to draw young people in would be to have contests of college students and high school students to build there case for what happened, why it happened how it relates to & effects today. The finalists could win an award,a prize,a speaking engagement and even have there project posted here where they can have the …good fortune of having there project commented on by our national panel of posters.

  2. Yes. Establishing a baseline foundation using the largely agreed upon forensic facts and eyewitness testimony (both in Dealey Plaza and at Parkland Hospital), unshackled from the bewildering thicket of conspiracy theories, is crucial to drawing in a millennial generation of detectives whose mastery of computer tools may be able to crunch this mystery down to its basic controversial elements and allow even the casual observer a reasonable chance to make rational sense of what it all might mean. It’s a busy world and we are all pressed for time.

    1. Agreed. And Jeff is probably the best choice to determine which evidence goes against the Warren Commision report. I have been reading about the assassination for 25+ years, and still don’t consider myself an expert on the subject. I recently visited22November1963.org.uk, and they have a beginner friendly format.
      The discussion threads on JFK Facts would probably not help a newcomer to the assassination ascertain what is credible evidence. With all the heated debate, the frequent commenters tend to derail the discussion. Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy the debate, but my past reading allows me to determine between valid argument and propaganda. I just want the site to serve the needs of as many visitors as possible.

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