“Jackie” the woman and the mythmaker

I went to see “Jackie” last night and I thought it was terrific.

JFK Facts movie critic Patrick McDonald has already reviewed this excellent cinematic experience. Here’s another provocative take by Youssef El-Gingihy of The Independent, a liberal newspaper in London.

She is a big part of the reason why a half century on we are still talking about JFK and why films are still being made about him

Released on the day of Trump’s inauguration in centenary year of JFK’s birth and in advance of the release of the CIA’s last JFK assassination files in October 2017, “Jackie” couldn’t be more topical .

El-Gingihy writes:

Ultimately what is at stake here is the very idea of history itself. Is history merely the interpretation of those who were present? She asks White, “when something is written down, does that make it history?” White would write in his memoir that she wanted him to “rescue Jack from all these ‘bitter people’…..She did not want Jack left to the historians”. Presidential historian Stephen E. Ambrose described how, “She certainly wanted to take control of history and in so many ways she managed to do so”.

Read the entire review here.




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