Is Trump going to release the JFK files?

Joan Mellen, professor and historian at Temple University, doubts it:

Neither he [Trump] nor anyone in his government seems qualified to make that determination. But if they found someone at Fox News to feed this information, they still would not do it. It is not, and has not been since 1963 in the interest of the government that participated in this murder to expose themselves as being caught in this act…. Wouldn’t it be better to release everything? It seems inconceivable that Donald Trump the person to be the champion of the truth, almost as difficult to crown with that accolade as the Kennedy family itself.



2 thoughts on “Is Trump going to release the JFK files?”

  1. My guess is that exposing high-level crimes & coverups continues to be useful for Putin’s agenda of dismantling the US state from within, and as Mellen said, makes Trump seem relatable.

  2. So what happens when Drumpf sides with the emperor palpatines at Langley? What recourse do we have when congress is afraid of the CIA, msm manages the message for Langley and outside of Robert jr on occasion it appears the Kennedy family is unwilling to fight for the man who basically have his life for peace?

    I’m 3/4 through James Douglass’ amazing book and i’m motivated beyond belief to do my part to assist in getting the truth out.

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