Is David Talbot right that the CIA killed JFK ?

In Salon, David Talbot writes that JFK was assassinated, 52 years ago today, at the behest of a clique of CIA officers led by a highly-praised operator named Bill Harvey.

Is Talbot right?

Possibly. Talbot is a credible author. Harvey is a plausible suspect.

It’s also possible that Talbot is wrong. The question cannot be answered in 2015 because of CIA obfuscation.

The CIA retains a 123-page file on Harvey’s assassination-related activities that has never been seen by bloggers, reporters, scholars, or Congress.

When the CIA’s secret Bill Harvey file is made public, Talbot’s claim will be clarified.

It is pathetic and outrageous that such material remains hidden, but that’s reality.

What you can do is this: email the CIA Public Affairs Office and ask them for the secret Bill Harvey file. Click here.

Let me know what they say.

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