A campaign to digitize all the JFK records

There is a ten year strategy to digitize all of the 120 billion pages of government documents in the National Archives by 2024. The scan plan refers to it as “our moon shot“.

Ambitious, but possible. The Archivist, David Ferriero, has to set priorities, and he will listen to public opinion about how to do so.  As the most-used records in the Archives, the JFK records should get top priority.

The Archivist has already agreed to digitize all the new JFK records to be released on 2017.

A letter-writing campaign to convince the Archivist to prioritize the several million JFK records for digitization has high chances for success.

The Archivist invites comments on his blog. JFK researchers are encouraged to add comments on his blog inviting the Archivist to put the JFK records online ASAP.

These comments can be made on an ongoing basis.

2 thoughts on “A campaign to digitize all the JFK records”

  1. I want every single person should know the whole truth in the country and world wide that why he got murdered by whom he was murdered when things are related to cold war between russia and america And Pakistan’s First Prime Minister Khan Liaquat Ali Khan murder is related too and Pakistani Govt. officials was involved.I want every person on earth should know the whole scenario.

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