How JFK researchers changed the culture

From Eilleen:

“I’m rewatching the Duquesne 2013 conference and I wish I could tell all of the panelists about hope, and lack of hope  for the future of JFK assassination research that in some fundamental way you are already won. You changed how the public regards its government.”

“You introduced the idea that our government might not be honest , and the idea of challenging  what we are told. In large measure there would have been no Watergate without you, no Vietnam protest, no Wikileaks. We might not ever know the truth of the assassination,.  And in some narrow sense now it doesn’t matter anymore. You have made the larger point and the public has learned from you. The fact that 85 percent of the public doubts the Warren Commission means that 85 percent of the public doubts the government in honest.  You have changed the culture. You are already the victors. Feel better.”

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