Final Deadline Loom on JFK Records: Will Biden Follow the Law? 

At WhoWhatWhy, Mark Adamcyk and Brian Baccus ask the right question. The answer is not encouraging. The outlook for full JFK disclosure in 2021 is dim.


Credit: WhoWhatWhy

With Congressional oversight lacking, there was little incentive for any of these agencies, the CIA and FBI in particular, to finish their legally required review, and several thousand files were still classified to some degree as a 2017 deadline approached. While many of these files were handed over to the National Archives, some of them quite interesting, thousands still contained redactions, or were held back in full.

[Editor’s note: Here’s a redacted CIA secret about the JFK story: The intelligence methods used to surveil the supposed assassin Lee Harvey Oswald six weeks before the president was killed.]

And then they were delayed even further, until a new deadline was set: October 26, 2021. According to the National Archives website, nearly 16,000 documents remain partially redacted, most created by the CIA and FBI. With nearly six decades having passed since Kennedy was gunned down in Dallas, this continued secrecy runs contrary to the expressed intent of the JFK Records Act.

Source: Final Deadlines on JFK Records — Will Biden Follow the Law? – WhoWhatWhy

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