Espionage in the gay milieu of mid-20th century Washington

Kim Philby
Kim Philby in 1955.

From my new piece in the U.K. Telegraph, a look at the gay milieu of Washington as the Cold War spy games played out:

Philby and Angleton’s friendship blossomed in the spring of 1950, amid a moral panic in Washington. In a series of sensational speeches, Republican Senator Joe McCarthy had woven together the threats of communism and homosexuality into twin fervors that historians have dubbed the ‘Red Scare’ and the ‘Lavender Scare’.

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  1. Martin Shackelford

    Just finished the book. I found it a valuable contribution to the JFK literature. I did notice one odd thing. There was a discussion of whether Angleton knew about CIA debriefing of Oswald after his return to the U.S., and only the FBI interview was mentioned. Yet, we know that there was a CIA debriefing by someone named (or pseudonymed) Andy Anderson of the Domestic Contacts Division. The document was one of those found and published by John Newman.

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