Dylan on the Grassy Knoll: A Defense

I published this piece today, the 58th anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination.

Dylan urges us to recognize that November 22, like December 7, was an attack on the American nation. And if that claim makes you uneasy—if you want to believe the reassuring official story that Kennedy was killed by one man alone for no reason—he has achieved his purpose.

Source: What Bob Dylan Does—Or Doesn’t—Know About the Assassination of JFK ‹ Literary Hub

3 thoughts on “Dylan on the Grassy Knoll: A Defense”

  1. It was surprising that Dylan would do this now, but ironic in that he more or less dropped the “protest music” in his first album after the JFKA (Times They Are a-Changin’ was recorded prior to the assassination but released in early 1964). Operation Mockingbird still going strong, as the reviews in major media discussed the song merely as a nostalgic look back to a terrible event and a list of musical artists from the last 60 years. The few good reviews which recognized that Dylan had 10 or more references to a conspiracy at the highest levels of the US government / intelligence were on alternative sites and not easy to find. The current article in the Rolling Stone on Oliver Stone’s document is appalling.

  2. Why must we wait for the responsible parties to die before the TRUTH reveals the facts of the assassination of JFK? After 58 years, we are still in the dark. Americans are not stupid. Only the most powerful could have pulled this off. I thought that justice was FOR ALL. Let the cards fall where they will and bring those guilty parties into the light of truth. Don’t you think it is about time? The ones fighting to conceal the truth ARE the guilty.

  3. It’s funny. Dylan’s masterful, 18-minute “Murder Most Foul,” released March 31, 2020 in the throes of Covid quarantine, rekindled my interest in JFK years after Stone’s 1991 “JFK” initially did. I hope it did make others uneasy. In fact I’m living proof it did.

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