3 thoughts on “CIA Continues to Conceal JFK Assassination Files. But Here’s What We Do Know”

  1. Michael W Flower

    The JFK act was passed in 92 , why would there be any delay ? If the findings of the Warren Com. were accurate , over a half century later and most involved are taking dirt naps what would stop any release ? If the truth of the assassination was a lone nut , why not prove it ? Turn on the lights and watch the cockroaches scurry

  2. To understand the C.I.A. reason for not releasing the files,I believe we have to think out of the J.F.K. box
    Because all this investigating had to lead to the happenings of other crimes. Some of the files probably have information on Jimmy Hoffas part.Some of the files probably contain info on Robert Kennedy,Malcolm X, and last but not least M.L.K.. I believe all the presidents reason for not releasing the files is it would piss citizens off so bad there would still 58 yrs later be rioting in the streets in every major city. Looting like never before. ESPECIALLY if there is serious info on M.L.K.. The truth is they are chicken shit to release the files and the truth is what we need to do to get the files released is all concerned citizens should organize a million person march on Washington to show were fed up with waiting for the release.Im not calling for riots.Just one of M.L.K.s peaceful protest on Washington would do it. It would bring closure to all these assisanations victims. Then and then only will all people of every color and race be united.United We Can Stand.But Devided We Will All FALL.

  3. Jeff, Your article is excellent and right on point. Thank you for continuing to provide the public with the facts in a transparent manner. Keep up the great work, as the Truth is within reach. Jeff

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