Donald Trump, shapeshifter 

We no longer have a public, but rather multiple publics, each reinforcing its own preconceived notions.

Source: Donald Trump, Shapeshifter : Democracy Journal


  1. Anthony M says:

    Good luck America

    As an EU Commissioner as recently said, if populism isn’t defeated civilisation will die.

    Even a year ago that would have sounded alarmist and unrealistic. Unfortunately that is path we are on on both sides of the Atlantic and all people of goodwill need to stand together.

    Best wishes from a concerned Brit.

  2. ronnie wayne says:

    Thank you kind sir. I fear not only for our system but the effect the results of it may have on the rest of the world. Your probably aware, of 118 million votes from 318 million citizens Hillary won the popular vote by 136 Thousand votes. A tenth of One percent? The one percent wins no matter who wins. We are not a democracy but an oligarchy, but what can we do about it?

    • ed connor says:

      Ronnie, we are neither a democracy nor an oligarchy.
      We are a constitutional republic.
      The framers established the Electoral College out of concern that a president might be chosen by a huge vote from a limited section of the country. The E.C. requires a candidate to obtain broad based support from many different states. That’s our rule. Feel free to amend the Constitution if you prefer direct selection by the popular vote total.

      • RonnieWayne says:

        Ed your right I’m wrong but so are you, it’s a plutocracy, not an oligarchy.
        Amending the constitution to reflect the concept of one person one vote is pie in the sky at the moment.
        The antiquated electoral college might still at some distant day in the future realize it’s ultimate demise.
        Thanks in part to this election.

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