Documentary tells the James Files story (again)

James Files is a convicted criminal who claims he shot JFK. The documentary, “I Killed JFK,” promises to tell his story “for the first time.” In fact, Files’ story has been told many times, most recently on the Chicago stage.

One big problem: there’s not much evidence to corroborate it and many reasons to doubt it.

Source: I KILLED JFK – World Premiere Special Event in Select Cinemas on Wednesday, May 31

4 thoughts on “Documentary tells the James Files story (again)”

  1. Weird…the same people who *say* they want to bring JFK’s murderers to justice are rallying around Files, taking photos of/with him on the knoll, getting autographs, etc. If you believe he murdered JFK, shouldn’t you be pushing for him to go back to jail, instead of congratulating him on being freed? IMO, the grassy knoll gunman was a professional who likely would never go back to Dallas after 11/22/1963, much less be part of a circus atmosphere on the knoll 60 years later.

  2. It actually quenches my thirst & desire to believe any story I have read about after many years of seeking and not convinced, the others left me wondering still at the end! James Files is the guy who did it…..

    1. Jeffrey Palmer

      I believe James Files did it. And I believe he is “thrown under the bus” because his testimony exposes an alliance that murdered the President. I’ve noticed that many in Dealy Plaza like Beverly Oliver, Chauncey Holt, and Roger Craig, to name some, are all thrown “under the bus”. Why? It is to hide the central Zionist part of the alliance. If you have to ignore the elephant in the room then I claim you are wasting your time with JFK research.

      Let me be clear. Zionists were central to the cohesive alliance of a small number of several groups in the coup (CIA, FBI, LBJ, Dallas police, mafia, and of course mishpucka). But the cover-up easily reveals the extent of the zionist involvement. Easily. But if you ignore it, one is missing a central part of the coup and cover-up.

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