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Ben Holmes – July 5

Tom says: “Limit your comment “dumps” to two per sweep.”

I realize that this is not a forum, and you have to have such rules.

But as there are a number of believers that all jump on any response, and must all be answered individually – that rule prevents me from correcting the lies being told regularly by those I respond to.

So I’ll be just lurking from time to time, and keeping my responses on a forum.

Unfortunately, as believers tend to stay away from forums they don’t control, this gives a false impression to the general reading public.

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  1. Tom, I would suggest that all posts be required to have verifiable citations included to back up assertions of fact. To be completely candid, ignorant gadflies and disinformants have soured me on reading or participating much online, you have my sympathy.

    Jean Davison – 2016/07/07 at 6:49 pm

    “Tom, the simple solution would be to allow a much longer “Recent Comments” list.”

    I agree. Another solution would be to use the JFK Facts new feed, which gives a longer list of recent posts and includes the posts themselves. You can easily see what’s new and still skip a particular topic or name if you want to.

    Could the news feed link be posted in the sidebar, Tom? Wouldn’t this solve the “problem” of a single name appearing consecutively? It’s hard for us to know when our posts are going to appear since we have no control over that.

    Jean, I notice that at one time, the “recent comments” notice box displayed seven entries instead of the current six, so I can only assume the available space is prioritized and at a premium.

    I am reacting to the submission of four or more comments in a span of time so brief that no other commentor has submitted even one comment in that period. The other day, this remark was submitted.:
    Ronnie Wayne – 2016/06/30 at 12:47 am

    John, as frequently as you post I have to wonder if at times it might be to make other posts disappear from the most recent comments. Like mine above your last one.
    Then again, I’m a Conspiracy Realist.

    Ronnie was reacting to all six “recent comments” entries displaying links to comments submitted by Dr. McAdams. I approved all of those comments just before I went to sleep and was not observing the usual care I apply to comment approval. I gave Ronnie’s comment more thought and came to realize I have no partners in the process of comments appearing in discussion threads. Recent comments by Ben Holmes and Dr. McAdams indicate it must their way, or the highway.

    Jean, I have no site privilege level to enable me to make my responsibilities easier to carry out or to attempt any of the changes you proposed. Rex Bradford is listed as webmaster of this site and I’ve never been in communication with him. My last email addressed to Jeff dated June 10, has not resulted in a reply.

    I ask commentors to observe the rules and some of the most frequent commentors are uncooperative to openly resistant to that request. I get it, commentors insist on saying and doing what they want to.

    1. Recent comments by Ben Holmes and Dr. McAdams indicate it must their way, or the highway.

      I never said “my way or the highway.” I said that if I only can post two posts each time I check the board, I would post less.

      That would be a necessary consequence of a rule you imposed, not something I would do to spite you.

  3. Prior Cotw –


    I don’t make the rules. There is a “Recent comments” box displayed in the center of the left side of this site’s front page. When anyone submits back to back comments, comments exceeding two per individual must be manually held back to prevent one commentor from dominating the “Recent comments” list. There have been complaints protesting the abuse by bulk submitters of comments because the result was a few commentors were dominating the few slots displayed on the “Recent comments” list. Commentors who continue to submit more than two comments in a short period of time are sending the rest of us a message.

    1. I recommend Morley gets rid of the comments box and gets a “hot topics” plugin that lists most recently commented on articles by volume instead of specific comments. This is WordPress, correct?

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