‘The role of certain CIA officers in the events of 1963’

Richard writes about “CIA & JFK: The Secret Assassination Files”

“You’ve done yeoman’s work on this one and a great service to the research community. Those of us who have followed this case for decades owe you a great debt of gratitude in so many ways.”

Thanks Richard. Its people like you who kept me going, kept me thinking, kept me looking for one more person who knew something of the events of 1963. While the book has a wealth of details about the role of certain CIA officers in the JFK story, I hope that it will also enable readers to see the Big Picture more clearly: CIA officers acting with guilty knowledge of Oswald’s Cuban antics.

Certainly the agency’s last assassination files, due in October 2017, will help.

Please share your review on Amazon. Just go here and look for the stars. Five will do wonders for spreading the story. Grazie.





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