A comment on Angleton and Oswald

David Lifton, author of Best Evidence, writes:

“Jeff: I think you’ve framed the question too narrowly…..

“As I understand it, you are asking (in effect): Did Angleton have information about Oswald which would have (or should have) alerted him to the possible threat that Oswald posed to the President’s safety–i.e., his life, etc. But that question is asked in the context of Oswald being “the assssin.”

“But there’s another way of looking at it, and another question that, if Angleton was as sharp as some maintain, perhaps ought to have been asked, and it was this: is this man Oswald someone who might be set up (i.e., utilized) as the fall guy in a future assassination attempt? In other words, the way your post words the question is “seeing Oswald” through the lens of his being a potential assassin.

“But if Angleton is as sharp as so many maintain he was, then wouldn’t he also be obliged to consider “other models” of conspiracy? And in that case, then why should he not be expected to ask: Is this man being set up for as a future fall guy in some plot? Angleton was not Capt. J. Will Fritz of the Dallas Police. He was not a simple minded dope.

“So. . . if he was (in fact) so smart, then why wasn’t he looking at Oswald (and his machinations) through this “alternative lens”–and ask: “Gee, I wonder if this fellow is being set-up for a future fall? And how might I look into this further, and see whether I can detect data to see whether his location is being “managed” so as to “cross paths” with Kennedy?

“Is that asking too much to ask from a man who was a poet, a Yale graduate, highly analytical, and a supposed genius? A man who was in charge of the Counter-Intelligence function at CIA? Are we supposed to believe that all he was capable of doing is asking: “Could Oswald be a homicidal maniac?” Why not: “Could Oswald be in the process of being set-up by certain third parties, in a plot against the President of the U.S.?”

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  1. If the model for the assassination is that Oswald was part of an intelligence operation that made the covered up assassination of JFK possible (through conning and manipulation) then the question is did Angleton know about and even participate in the conning and manipulation or was he stung, too?

  2. If oswald was not involved what was in the long package he took to work on Friday . This was after going to where his wife was on a weeknight which was also out of his customary actions. I suppose it was just a coincidence that is where he kept his rifle ?

    1. Jay: Check in YouTube the videos where Buell Frazier is interviewed. He and his sister Linnie were taken to DC, in order to take their depositions for the Warren Commission. They were given a paper bag (which fit between Lee’s armpit and hand) and asked to place in it the disassembled parts of the M/C. They tried and tried, but they could not. They were being pressured, at the end he defends the person who treated them nicely: Gerald Ford.

      Frazier says that Lee was set up and that there was no way a rifle was inside that bag, based not on seeing its contents but on the way it “floated” around effortlessly.



  3. I think there needs to be much more discussion on the points raised by Lifton. It may be hard to believe individuals in the U S Government were involvèd or had foreknowledge in Kennedy’s death but that may be in fact what happened.

  4. I should have inserted ‘alleged’ Mexico City visit to Soviet Embassy and Cuban Consulate. The CIA did not submit proof/evidence of the real Oswald visiting either the Soviet Embassy, or the Cuban Consulate. Sylvia Duran under duress capitulated to her tormentors by IDing LHO, but she originally stated the “visitor” was not LHO (short w/m, blond hair). The CIA’s surveillance photos depict someone other than LHO, as do the voice recordings offered to the FBI. My take on Angleton and Mexico City is that the whole sordid operation provides proof of the conspiracy.

  5. Great question by Mr. Lifton. Also we can’t let CIA get away with redacting all these released documents as if they are laughing at the law. I thought Trump came out later and changed his mind about allowing this.

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