The CIA reviews David Talbot’s ‘Devil’s Chessboard’

While it may be uncomfortable for members of the Intelligence Community to read some of these chapters, Talbot has done detailed research in his effort to stitch together a story. It may appear to most readers as prosecutorial or adversarial in tone, but this perspective needs to be read and understood, even if it is only part of the story of the CIA in the 1950s.

Source: The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, The CIA and The Rise of America’s Secret Government — Central Intelligence Agency

In an email Talbot calls the CIA’s review of his best-selling book.

“Fascinating, a  kind of a limited hangout. If the intel community is not yet prepared to grapple honestly with the JFK assassination, at least they seem ready to do some soul-searching about other dark chapters of their history (Nazi collaboration, etc)!”

6 thoughts on “The CIA reviews David Talbot’s ‘Devil’s Chessboard’”

  1. The chief conclusion obviously reached after reading what may be the most important book out this year is that the CIA should be blown into a thousand pieces. Oh, and some folks, affiliated with the CIA, past and present should be in prison. Not to mention reparations…

  2. WOW! BAM! The CIA will review this book but their Mockingbird affiliates the New York Times and the Washington Post will not?
    Too much ice cream too fast, I’m having a brain freeze.

    1. Semi public acknowledgement? I’m still stunned.
      Does this mean they support FREEINGTHEFILES?
      Whatever of Historical significance might be left in them?

      1. The vast story of the CIA has yet to be told and won’t be until the very idea of secret agencies in a democratic society fall into political disfavor and are abolished.

  3. The mastery of this propaganda piece is to divert the reader (public) from the mass abuses characteristic of the leadership of the CIA before, during, and after their tenures. The corruption and subversion of US policy by the CIA early dawns upon the reader and, at once imbues him/her with repugnance and stunned disbelief, to discover that a fascist cell controlled US foreign policy from 1947 until 1962. The piece also subverts the truth of those ongoing activities the CIA continues to be engaged, under the cloak of national security, in foreign countries (i.e., Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Egypt, Libya, etc.).

  4. Mind-boggling! It looks like the CIA is better prepared to frankly address Mr. Talbot’s book than the MSM. Maybe they should advise their Mighty Wurlitzer affiliates.

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