Under CIA eyes: How Israel stole nuclear material from the United States

The non-profit National Security Archive in Washington has new details on the NUMEC Affair: how Israel defied President Kennedy’s non-proliferation policies to steal U.S.-made fissile material and build a nuclear arsenal in the 1960s. 

John Hadden CIA
John Hadden, CIA Tel Aviv station chief in the mid-1960s.

This story is more relevant than ever, now the ostensible President-elect Trump has promised to tear up the nuclear agreement blocking Iran from obtaining the atomic bomb.

Key revelations  come from a retired CIA man, John Hadden, who worked for James Angleton, counterintelligence chief and Israel desk officer.

[My biography of Angleton, entitled The Ghost, will be published in the fall of 2017 by St. Martin’s Press]

“For decades there have been allegations and suspicions that foreign agents, perhaps aided by American citizens, diverted a significant fraction of NUMEC’s unexplained uranium deficits to Israel for its nuclear-weapons program. Because of the high stakes involved, the affair has been clouded in denial and concealment for nearly a half century.”

In this collection of new documents, scholar Avner Cohen and nuclear engineer Roger Mattson clarify a murky story of public policy and covert action.

See The NUMEC Affair: Controversy over Possible Diversion of Weapons Grade Uranium to Israel During the 1960’s.



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2 thoughts on “Under CIA eyes: How Israel stole nuclear material from the United States”

  1. I believe this information is a few years old now, and this article has been listed for a few days now, and I appear to be the only person to post a comment. Also, today (11/22) is a very sad anniversary of course, and I don’t believe I’ve seen anything about it on any major news web sites. Kinda strange don’t you think.

    1. As the saying goes, “ask and you will receive.” This has to do with the mysterious Vela Flash.


      As a liberal arts major of almost 50 years past, the subject is way over my head. I have two contradictory thoughts:

      A secret/”secret” air burst seems a lackwitted.

      STEALING THE ATOM BOMB by Roger J Mattson (co-author of NUMEC piece cited above) appears highly suggestive, but the subject matter is beyond any lay reader–me, especially.

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