Under CIA eyes: How Israel stole nuclear material from the United States

The non-profit National Security Archive in Washington has new details on the NUMEC Affair: how Israel defied President Kennedy’s non-proliferation policies to steal U.S.-made fissile material and build a nuclear arsenal in the 1960s. 

John Hadden CIA
John Hadden, CIA Tel Aviv station chief in the mid-1960s.

This story is more relevant than ever, now the ostensible President-elect Trump has promised to tear up the nuclear agreement blocking Iran from obtaining the atomic bomb.

Key revelations  come from a retired CIA man, John Hadden, who worked for James Angleton, counterintelligence chief and Israel desk officer.

[My biography of Angleton, entitled The Ghost, will be published in the fall of 2017 by St. Martin’s Press]

“For decades there have been allegations and suspicions that foreign agents, perhaps aided by American citizens, diverted a significant fraction of NUMEC’s unexplained uranium deficits to Israel for its nuclear-weapons program. Because of the high stakes involved, the affair has been clouded in denial and concealment for nearly a half century.”

In this collection of new documents, scholar Avner Cohen and nuclear engineer Roger Mattson clarify a murky story of public policy and covert action.

See The NUMEC Affair: Controversy over Possible Diversion of Weapons Grade Uranium to Israel During the 1960’s.



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