Chris Matthews’ Departure Welcomed By All Serious Students of the JFK Assassination

Chris Matthews
Chris Matthews, anti-conspiracy theorist.

Doug Horne, former investigator for the Assassination Records Review Board, welcomes the end of Hardball, the CNN talk show hosted by Chris Matthews.

“He was a dinosaur whose departure was long overdue,” Horne writes

“Why do I say this?  Certainly not for the public reasons touted for his departure.  The public reasons cited in the mainstream media included sexist behavior in his dealings with women on multiple occasions, and weighing in too heavily, with his thumb on the scale, in political races—with sometimes outrageous, over-the-top, partisan commentary.  He was much more into inveighing with strong political opinions than he was into pure journalism.  His act on this score had worn thin recently, with his strong and open opposition to the Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren campaigns.”

“….But these behaviors are not the main reason I applaud his departure.  My reason involves his repeatedly stated, aggressive position on the JFK assassination; his position on the Kennedy assassination was absurdly pro-Warren Commission, and in total denial of the established fact that we experienced a coup in this country in 1963, with the assassination of John F. Kennedy. 

“This denial of a U.S. government cover-up, and denial that America experienced a coup in 1963, was in opposition to the enormous body of facts unearthed by the serious work of three generations of independent citizen-researchers beginning in 1964, and was in opposition to the official conclusion of the HSCA in 1979—that JFK was likely killed as the result of a conspiracy.  [There are many critics of various aspects of the HSCA investigation—and I am among them—but Matthews never acknowledged the HSCA’s official, overall conclusion, and would only tout the Warren Commission’s line that JFK was assassinated by a lone nut, acting alone.]

Source: Chris Matthews’ Departure: A Welcome Change to All Serious Students of the JFK Assassination – insidethearrb — LiveJournal

4 thoughts on “Chris Matthews’ Departure Welcomed By All Serious Students of the JFK Assassination”

  1. President Kennedy WAS assassinated by a lone nut. He was, however, not acting alone. Oswald pulled the trigger. Of that there is only the doubt of CT’ers. Yet he, Oswald, did run directly to Jack Ruby’s front door ( ok… he stopped at the corner of 10th and Patton in time to fave J.D.T). But Ruby was stalking him just as surely as Oswald was stalking him. ( up until the last 150 yards or so).

    1. Bill:
      Oswald owned the 6.5 Manlisher Carcano carbine; that weapon was found on the 6th floor; and the two bullet fragments found in the Lincoln, as well as the “magic bullet” (CE 399) were unquestionably fired from that rifle.
      But, as Chief Jesse Curry said on 11/23, “we can’t place that rifle in Oswald’s hands.”
      Oswald may have been a shooter. I think his rifle was fired, by him or someone else. But the death of the president resulted from a frontal shot, which LHO obviously could not have fired. Oswald’s movement toward Ruby’s apartment, and Ruby’s stalking of LHO all weekend, suggest a symmetry of some kind. My guess is that both men had some involvement, but both were sucked into a vortex of forces they could not have imagined.
      As Dylan wrote, “I’m just a patsy, like Patsy Cline.”

  2. After Chris Matthews’ career as a Capitol Hill police officer and speech writer for Jimmy Carter (not highlights on, he began working for Congressman Tip O’Neil (who took over JFK’s old congressional district in Massachusetts).
    Tip always defended the conclusions of the Warren Commission. But in his autobiography, “Man of the House,” he wrote that he had second thoughts about the assassination. His friends, Ken O’Donnell and Dave Powers, both WWII combat veterans, rode behind the president in the motorcade in Dallas. Both told Tip that the last shot appeared to come from the front. O’Neil became a skeptic of the Commission’s findings after that.
    But his employee, Matthews, always claimed that LHO was hired at the TSBD before the motorcade route had been announced; hence, he could not have been part of any plot. HAH!

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